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10/28/19 - 10/31/19 | St. Paul | MN
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Resource Tables

Resource Tables

We have partnered with some great organizations who will be on site in the registration area throughout the conference to answer your questions. Look for the CERF+, Submittable, Accessibility Resources and Octagonal Hut/Green Facilities station. Stop by and discover new tools, resources, and ideas to support your program!



Meet Submittable – an online application platform used by 1000s of schools, funders, nonprofits, artist residencies & accelerators!

Stop by the Submittable station at the conference to learn how Submittable can help you simplify and improve your application process! For more information, contact:



Meet CERF+ the artists’ safety net! CERF+ works to support artists and organizations in times of crisis through: providing information to artists to help prevent and lessen losses from personal and natural disasters; assisting artists working in craft disciplines with short and long-term recovery; and advocating on behalf of artists, for greater access to disaster relief services and resources from both the public and private sectors.

Learn how your organization can be better prepared for crises - major and minor - and gain resources you can provide your artists. For more information contact, Meg Ostrom:

 Octagonal Hut/Eco-Facilities

Meet Craig Pleasants, sculptor, former Artistic Director of VCCA, and creator of the Octagonal Living Unit! Craig will be hosting a table on eco-friendly facilities on Wednesday, October 14. Stop by the table and learn about the Octagonal Living Unit ( - an energy-efficient, passive solar, 450 square-foot building that can support bedroom, bathroom, and studio. An easy way for residencies to expand their capacity without increasing waste and energy use. Craig has vast experience thinking through energy efficiency in residence - including shepherding a $100,000 energy-efficiency project at VCCA.

Stop by Craig's table to share your eco-friendly facilities dreams and get answers to your questions. For more information, contact: