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Resources + Materials

Below are links to presentations, handouts, and further reading from the Alliance of Artists Communities' 2016 Conference in Portland, OR.

General Resources


Self-Declared: Practice and Politics of DIY Artist Residencies in Portland, OR

  • Article - Arturo Abreu, Manuel. Notes on the Garage Residency. Open Space, September 15, 2016.

Who are We Serving and How

Cross Pollinations: Art/Science Collaborations + Impact of Place (Part A)

Scientists in the Studio / Artists in the Lab (Part B)

Arts + Equity in the Neighborhood: The Role and Responsibility of Arts Organizations in Gentrifying Cities

Negotiating the Terrain: Residencies in the Public Realm

  • Presentation - including Times Square Arts, Seattle Office of Public Transportation + LMCC
  • Presentation - including the DCASE program at the Chicago Cultural Center

Funding Spotlight: Trends in Support for the Arts

  • Message Guide - A resource to support how you craft messages for and communicate with broad and diverse constituencies.

18th Street Arts Center: Radical Caretaking

  • SURVEY - Caregiving in Residency Situations - please share your thoughts! 

Going Green While Staying in the Black

  • Case Study - Solar Array Installation at the MacDowell Colony

Making the Case with Effective Arts Advocacy

  • Advocacy Plan - Act for Art: The Creative Action Plan for the Portland Metropolitan Region. 

 Mental Health in Context