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November 28, 2018

PROVIDENCE, RI - The Alliance of Artists Communities is thrilled to announce that five...

November 28, 2018

AUSTERLITZ, NY - Earlier this month, The Board of Directors of The Millay Colony for the Arts...

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Dance Research

"[A residency] could be the basis for a whole new kind of audience development that isn't based on finances but on the currency of ideas." - Tere O'Connor, artist-in-residence, Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography

RESIDENCIES: find out more about residencies that support dancemakers

The Alliance of Artists Communities:

  • studied nearly 400 artist residency programs to better understand the field’s current support for dancemakers
  • conducted an extensive survey of residency programs – with approximately 200 respondents – to document their programs, facilities, and other resources available to dancemakers
  • surveyed approximately 600 individual dancemakers to gauge their awareness and experience with dance residencies, and better understand what they most value about these opportunities
  • interviewed key dancemakers and residency directors
  • engaged funders, researchers, and others interested in dance

The resulting information has been analyzed and compiled into the Alliance's report, "Mind the Gap: Artist Residencies and Dance." Rather than the end product, the study is just one critical phase in this project, and we look forward to our ongoing work to support today’s dancemakers in their creative development.

Case Studies:

The following case studies present different residency programs that support dancemakers, exploring the services and facilities for dance at different stages of development. While the Alliance has loosely categorized the stages of work at residencies as early, mid-, and late, these represent creative processes that exist along a continuum and residencies may offer support to artists during one or more stages.

Caldera | Sisters, Oregon

The Banff Center | Banff, Alberta

Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography | Tallahassee, Florida

Multi-Stage Collaboration
The Chocolate Fatory, Live Arts Brewery, + Vermont Performance Lab | Long Island City, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Guilford, Vermont


The Alliance of Artists Communities interviewed choreographers Reggie Wilson and Alex Ketley, as well as directors of artist residency programs around the U.S. (We are currently editing the video of these interviews and will post them as they are completed.)

Other Research:

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Dance/USA. Rough Waters Survey

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NYC Performing Arts Spaces. “We Make Do: More Time is Better, But Budget is King. A Report Assessing Dance Rehearsal Space Needs and Availability, Focused on Mid-Career, Single-Choreographer-led Companies” (2010). We-Make-Do-Nov-2010.pdf