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Executive Director | Artworks Loveland (Loveland, CO)

Artworks. We have two galleries for exhibits and programs, but we’re much more than a contemporary art gallery. We have thirty studios for contemporary visual artists, but we’re much more than just a shared workspace for artists. At Artworks, we believe that artists need creative time and studio space in an inspiring environment. We provide that as the largest Studio Artist Community in Northern Colorado. Our unique facility is home to people who are passionate about our goal to change lives through contemporary arts. Our goal is to create environment while following an effective, self-sufficient, and thriving business model.

We’ve been open for almost 6 years now. We’re not really a startup anymore; we’re becoming a mature organization and we’re seeking an Executive Director who can help us make that transition to an independent financially self-sustaining organization. Our Executive Director will need to help us develop a course of action to accomplish goals set by the Board and find a way to get all that done with minimal staff. Our Executive Director will have to be passionate and knowledgeable about contemporary art to be effective here but also be able to think like a savvy business person to be successful.

Our Executive Director Will be Responsible For:
Serving as the face and voice of Artworks in the community;
Managing all programs, onsite and community outreach initiatives;
Developing and managing gallery exhibits, events and programs;
Marketing Artworks and studio artists through every relevant means;
Enhancing earned revenue sources;
Enhancing and developing a fundraising plan with campaigns, events, grant-writing, and other activity;
Developing and managing the operating budget; and
Facilitating communication with and between the board, staff, studio artists, supporting members and the Northern Colorado community.

We Are Looking for an Inspiring Manager Who:
Possesses a BFA or an MFA
Has 2 or more years’ experience as an Executive Director in a Not-For-Profit environment;
Is a confident communicator, with solid skills at public speaking and writing for diverse audiences;
Has demonstrated success in creating collaborative relationships, organizing and hosting events, and covering a lot of bases while making everyone confident that things are in good hands;
Is adept in Social Media and Marketing, and competent in a variety of office software products including Adobe for Graphic Design needs;
Has a clear understanding of ways to create and market an environment conducive to contemporary artists; and who
Works well with artists in an open environment and has thick enough skin not to become easily offended when challenged.

This Won’t Be the Right Opportunity for Those Who:
Don’t delight in serving artists and creative types;
Want a detailed job description listing every task that they may be asked to do;
Can’t think from both the left side and the right side of their brain;
Can’t be both strategic and big picture and also great with details;
Want to have a highly structured job that is pretty much the same, day in and day out; and
Mind doing menial tasks necessary in a small operation.

To apply: