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10/15/18 - 10/18/18 | Philadelphia | PA
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Executive Director | Mendocino Art Center (Mendocino, CA)

Mendocino Art Center Mission: Being a dynamic educational destination for artists and art lovers, locally, nationally and internationally.

The Mendocino Art Center will thrive through:

1. Its clear understanding of and focus on its mission,

2. Its financial success in delivering its services of classes, art sales, gift sales, and room rentals, and

3. Its ability to fundraise.

The executive director has overall responsibility in achieving success by overall management of the following products/services of the art center:

  1. The positive cash flow of its art school through the selection of it curriculum, choice of its area management and instructors, integration of its artists in residence program, quality of its facilities, and marketing of the classes.
  2. The positive cash flow of its art galleries by the selection of the shows and participating artists, the quality of the hanging, and quality of the facilities.
  3. The positive cash flow of its art and gift store and sculpture garden by the quality of the sales staff, the merchandise selection, and its display.
  4. The positive cash flow for facility rental through the marketing, management, and maintenance of the rentals units and the rental of the art center facilities for special events
  5. The positive cash flow from special events through the creative conception and design, their relevance to the art center mission, their marketing, and their well run execution.

In carrying out the above responsibilities, it is expected that the executive director will do the following:

  1. Support the Board of Directors in its role of creating and maintaining the mission, setting the long term goals, fundraising, and oversight of the art center operation
  2. Select and oversee a staff of outstanding people who manage the provision of the products and services, and maintain the facilities, providing an atmosphere of participation, cooperation, and expectation of high performance.
  3. Oversee the financial management of the art center departments with management that provides timely budgets, monthly reporting on those budgets, and appropriate actions to achieve or exceed the goals of those budgets in line with the long term goals of the art center.
  4. Develop, staff   and oversee a program of fundraising that sets and achieves the goals necessary to keep the art center in positive cash flow, provide for growth and maintain its facilities.
  5. Development and execution of a marketing program with staffing and resources that reaches the artists and art lovers that will make the art center thrive.
  6. Develop a community outreach program that ensures local support for the art center including a robust membership program and volunteer program.
  7. Work with the board to determine how to manage and fund the permanent collection.

Application Deadline: October 23, 2018

Revised: September 7, 2018

To apply, email letter of intent and resume to Debra Lennox, Board of Directors,
For more information, please visit