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December 20, 2018

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Participate in an AAC Consortium Program

β€œIt is quite difficult for me to articulate just how glorious and meaningful this residency has meant to my writing career. Here I benefited from being surrounded by like-minded artists with similar goals and a strong desire to stay focused and truly work out their creative muscles.” - Jerry McGill, fiction writer, Creative Access Awardee

The Alliance of Artists Communities consortium programs and regranting partnerships have leveraged more than $4 million to artists and artist residency programs since 2003. Providing direct support to artists and artist residency programs is a vital part of the Alliance's work. As we expand consortium programs in the coming year, we will be engaging more member programs than ever before. We encourage any AAC Organizational Member interested in being considered for these partnerships to take this short survey.

How does a consortium program work?

The Alliance is approached by funders interested in supporting artists by partnering with residencies. We work closely with each funder to understand the needs of their artists, and select programs from the AAC membership network that are a best fit (often 2 – 5 different residency sites are involved in a given consortium).

After the partnership is secured, artists apply directly through the Alliance and residency directors submit their top choices for a match-making process after reviewing artist materials.

Funders generally provide residency partners with host fees, as well as artist stipends and travel.

Who are the artists served by these consortia?

Over the last decade the Alliance has worked with a broad range of funders to build programs that serve artists across disciplines. Programs have ranged from geographical consortia - engaging artists in a specific region of the world, to programs supporting artists underserved by the field (e.g. artists and writers with Spinal Cord Injury), or programs for artists who are past awardees of a given fellowship. You can read more about past and ongoing programs here.

How can residencies be part of these programs?

All programs that are AAC Organizational Members in good standing are eligible to be involved in consortia. Because funders often have very specific goals, the Alliance carefully reviews our network to engage residencies that will benefit most from and be a relevant match for the program. These are often multi-year relationships, so having a strong alignment of goals and expectations from the start is critical.

How can my residency be considered for one of these consortium programs?

In 2019 and beyond, the Alliance will be dramatically expanding these programs. If your organization would like to be considered, please complete this short questionnaire so we can better understand where your organization might be a fit:

Questions? Contact us at