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10/13/18 - 10/15/18 | Philadelphia | PA
10/15/18 - 10/18/18 | Philadelphia | PA
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April 06, 2018

Join AAC and your residency colleagues for a series of online meet-ups on the Zoom video...

March 28, 2018

San Francisco, CA - The Sustainable Arts Foundation has announced the winners of...

March 28, 2018

Los Angeles, CA - Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) has announced the inagural...

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Zoom Online Meet-Up | Social Media for Residencies

Join AAC and your residency colleagues for a series of online meet-ups on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Launched in 2017, these informal meet-ups cover a range of residency-specific topics and offer members a chance to connect, share ideas and troubleshoot challenges.  We're excited to continue our 2018 Zoom schedule with another Tech Talk - the second in an ongoing series examining tech platforms and data management practices within the residency field. 

Tech Talk - Part 2 | Social Media for Residencies
Friday, April 6th, 2018
2pm-3pm EST

In this session, we’re covering social media — how, when, and why residency programs use various social media to extend their reach. We’ll discuss the role of different platforms: their strengths and weaknesses, tools for scheduling and posting across multiple services, and how to maintain an active online presence with limited resources. We’ll also touch on the role of artist/resident involvement and analytics — what can we learn, if anything, from the metrics these services provide. We’ll leave ample time for an open discussion about the challenges and successes your program has had with its social media approach.

These online meet-ups are designed not just to present helpful information, but to initiate conversations among and learn from all members participating. We hope participants will find peers who are succeeding or struggling with similar issues, and continue the conversation after the session.
Presented by Tony Grant (Sustainable Arts Foundation), James McAnally (The Luminary) and Scott Williams (Artpace San Antonio).

Open to all staff of AAC member programs. Sign up by Thursday 4/5 by sending an email with your organization name and title to