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AIR in Tainan│Soulangh Artist Village and Tsung-Yeh Artist Village

As the oldest city in Taiwan, Tainan is so unique because of its profound historical context, traditional folk belief, regeneration of aged buildings, and the variety of art spaces. Tainan City Government has launched open calls for Artist-In-Residence (AIR) program to select international and domestic artists to station in Tainan. For many artists, taking a residency is a way to explore one’s art practice while discovering different culture. Currently, there are two artist villages managed by Tainan City Government, Soulangh Artist Village and Tsung-Yeh Artist Village.

Soulangh Artist Village:
Soulangh Artist Village arose from the former Jiali Sugar Factory, which has revitalized Japanese era sugar refinery warehouses successfully merge historic architecture with modern design in an area rich in history, culture and agriculture. We aim to foster international exchange with artists from around the world and create a vibrant community of artists; local and international, emerging and established. Artists will be living in close proximity to local craftsmen artisans and are encouraged to take the community and vibrant local culture as inspiration for their art works. Artists have access to wheelchair accessible air-conditioned modern studio spaces, galleries and theatres for exhibitions, workshops and performances.

Tsung-Yeh Artist Village:
A century ago, Tsung Yeh Arts and Cultural Center was headquarter of Japanese Meiji Sugar Manufacturing Corporation, which was founded in 1906. Inaugurated in 1911, Tsung Yeh Sugar Factory was the lifeblood of Madou’s economy. Although it is no longer a sugar factory now, retired sugar-carrying locomotives, stone mills, and architecture in Japanese-Western hybrid style, are displayed on the vast green lawns while hundred-year-old camphor trees shape a green tunnel in the park. Tsung Yeh Artist Village inheriting the exquisite Japanese architecture from the old sugar refinery, presents a stage for the aesthetics of crafts, which started to organize short-term residency programs in 2002 and 2003. Since 2010, AIR has been launched on a regular basis and in a more aspiring way. After years of cultivation, Tsung Yeh Artist Village has gained its position and continues to move forward.

Open call for 2019 NOW!!

Application online website:

Welcome artists who are interested in cross discipline art, visual art, performance and photography* (SAV only). We encourage artists to immerse themselves into the cultural environment to learn folk religions, traditional crafts, local history, and the industrial development. They can interact with local people or share their experiences in the adjacent art schools.

Soulangh and Tsung-Yeh Artist Villages provide guest artists with free accommodations, studios, networking to international art scene, and 30,000 NTD (include 18% tax) covering living expenses and implementation of projects per month at maximum. We fully support resident artists to realize their projects and also emphasize multi-layered cultural exchanges between international and local artists.

AIR Theme for 2019
Soulangh Artist Village takes as its theme the concept of ‘Site-Specific Art’. The artworks should respond to the Soulangh Artist Village’s environment, including the warehouses, corridors, the railway landscape, the children’s museum, and either the indoor or the outdoor spaces. They should also engage with the locality’s natural and historical sites, and with local communities. Any residents’ programs based on outdoor spaces will be considered as a priority.

Tsung-Yeh Artist Village takes as its theme the concept of ‘Site-Specific Art’. The artists also can engage with Tainan and Madou locality’s natural and historical sites, and with local communities.

All applicants have to complete the online application.

Soulangh Artist Village:
No. 130, Liu‐an Village, Jiali District, Tainan City 722, Taiwan
T: (+886) 6 722 8488 / 6 722 9910
F: (+886) 6 723 6973
Soulangh Cultural Park:

Tsung-Yeh Artist Village:
No.5 Tsungyeh, Nanshi Village, Madou District., Tainan City 721, Taiwan
Tel: +886-6-5718123
Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center:


Tainan City: Taiwan

Soulangh Artist Village: Soulangh Artist Village arose from the former Jiali Sugar Factory, which has revitalized Japanese era sugar refinery warehouses successfully merge historic architecture with modern design in an area rich in history, culture and agriculture. The artist village is a cultural stronghold for traditional performance and folk arts and is emerging as a modern art venue that promotes artistic growth.
    Tsung-Yeh Artist Village: The stately grounds and Japanese era buildings of the Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center were originally the Meiji Sugar Manufacturing company's head office, now, a century later, the ecologically rich grounds are open to the public and the historic buildings have been transformed into exhibition halls. In a conversation in adaptive regeneration initiated by the center, the buildings and grounds now serve as a venue for preserving, promoting and sharing the region’s fascinating cultural and ecological heritage through activities and exhibitions.


  • Residency Length: up to 90 days in maximum
  • Average number of artists in residence at a time: Soulangh: 5 / Tsung-Yeh: 2
  • Number of artists accepted in most recent year: 10
  • Total applicant pool in most current year: 370


  • Application type: Open application
  • Geography: Open to US artists, Open to non-US artists
  • Additional eligibility information: 

    • We welcome applicants who are interested in:
    1. Cross discipline art
    2. Visual art
    3. Performance
    4. Photography
    • We especially encourage artists dedicated to the environment, children’s art education or community engagement, to use their specialty to develop a resident program on the theme of ‘site- specific art’.
    • We welcome artists interested in photography and research into the photographic history of Tainan city.
    • All applicants must be able to communicate in either English or Chinese..

  • Application deadline: September 16
  • Additional deadline info:
    Please click on the following link: and fill out the application before the deadline.

Facilities & Services

  • Housing: Private bedroom in a shared housing facility
    Accommodation for artists only, it is not available for non-artists including family, accompany, assistant or pets.
  • Meals: Residents make own meals/groceries provided
    Self-catered/basic facilities provided. Personal stuff such as towels and toothbrush not provided.
  • Computer/internet access: Wireless Internet
  • Accessibility: housing/grounds/studios are accessible
  • Studios/special equipment: Ceramics / Pottery, Dance / Choreography, Digital media, Exhibition / Installation, Film / Digital editing, Music studio (non-recording), Painting, Photography (digital), Theater, Woodworking

Residency Fees

Partly subsidize to selected artists. Please see information as below.

Stipends / other support

1. Placements of up to three months with free accommodation and studio space. 2. Living and working expenses in Taiwan (including personal income-tax and insurance) - partly subsidized (NT$ 30,000 per month maximum). The total amount will be paid in installments. Artists will receive payment directly, excluding any tax. Since 2016, the government has announced that all terms of contract should include stamp-tax, which is one thousandth of the total amount. The stamp-tax should be paid in cash by the artists themselves, and this is excluded from the subsidy. 3. Presentation expenses - The maximum allocation is NT$ 100,000 (including tax), which will be paid directly to the relevant contractors. The above expenses include: providing a service or materials used in completing workshops, exhibitions and performances, brochure design and printing, dissemination, and expenses for a press conference. Any transportation fees for works are excluded. 4. Administrative support. If you have any inquiries about the subsidy, you should notify SAV or TYAV during the application process or before signing the contract.

Additional expectations / opportunities

1. During the residency, the selected applicants should provide one type of presentation, such as an exhibition or a performance. If you would also like to hold a workshop, this would be highly welcomed. 2. Approaching the end of the residency, the successful applicants are required to complete a report and questionnaire. The report should include details of the residents’ experience, the progress of the project and any relevant feedback. *The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government reserves the right to supplement and amend the contract and has the right of final interpretation.