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November 13, 2018

The Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Ucross Foundation, Raymond Plank, has died.


November 08, 2018

Congratulations to Sara Coffey - the Founder and Director of Alliance of Artists Communities...

November 02, 2018

We are excited to relay news that Jennie Terman has been named the Artist Communities and...

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Resident housing exterior
Artists carving
Resident housing interior
Work space for cement terraza

Baraka Center for 3-D Experimentation

Emerging Program member

BARAKA Center for Three-Dimensional Experimentation will offer two four-week Sculpture Residency opportunities for artists who work in the discipline of direct carving. Two artists will be invited to participate for each of the four-week sessions, June 5-July 3 and July 17-August 14. Baraka, meaning grace and blessing in Arabic, is located on 11 acres of wooded land in New York’s Hudson Valley, 2 hours (96 miles) north of New York City.

Since 1979 Baraka has been a sanctuary for the arts: an alternative environment for a host of unconventional exhibitions, performances and residency programs. The mission of the 2016 Baraka Residency is to provide selected sculptors with time in an open, natural environment where they can incorporate into their work the four disciplines of philosophy, science, art, and spirituality. Preference is given to individuals inclined to engage the “Tao of direct carving” and who strive for universality in their work. Each artist will be given a log to carve, a work space, and access to hand and power tools. Participants are encouraged to bring their own tools. The work space is outdoors under a canopy. To receive an application or to ask more detailed information contact Baraka at:


Stanfordville, New York: United States

As a facility for three-dimensional exploration, the rustic setting, close-to-the-land living, and vivid wilderness provide fertile soil for empirical investigation into art as process. Baraka Residencies have been sustained by a community of supporters who have shared common aspirations for art-in-community, right livelihood, and reconnection with nature. Accommodations are rustic: each artist will have a private room with a bed, desk, and shelves. There is an outdoor toilet, sink, and shower as well as an indoor bathroom. Artists have access to a shared kitchen and are on their own for breakfast and lunch. Evening meals are prepared family style and the residents share cleanup. Smoking is permitted outside. Wifi is available.

Contact Information

76 Halas Lane
Stanfordville , New York 12581
United States