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c3: Papermaking Residency 2019

Emerging Program member

c3:initiative is a platform for critical inquiry. We provide a place-based support structure to nurture personal and social introspection to individuals and communities interested in engaging in thoughtful conversations.

The c3: Papermaking Residency was established in 2014 to engage artists with little or no experience in hand papermaking, and offer them an opportunity to learn the craft and stretch the limitations of what the medium can do. Provided with instruction and guidance via technical assistance from a professional papermaker/artist at Pulp & Deckle studio and exclusive 24/7 access to the studio, residents create and exhibit new work.

Each year, four artists are selected for intensive, month-long residencies during which they work in the Portland, OR based Pulp & Deckle studio. Lead papermaker, Jenn Woodward provides guidance for residents to help realize their individual projects. She also educates and assists residents with all equipment use, fiber preparation, cleaning, and any other studio needs. Upon completion of the four month-long residencies, a group exhibition is held at c3:initiative or a partnering location.

The studio portion of the residency is an extension of the c3:initiative ethos of engaging with critical conversations. Creatives are encouraged to set up studio visits with their peers, and to explore topics and themes of inquiry around material and making. While this is a technical residency, it is a hands-on, deep learning experience where residents will learn the skills and knowledge needed to work independently in the papermaking arts.

In selecting images for your application, choose what you think best represents the conceptual rigeur of your practice. We are interested in a variety of mediums of expression, from installation to social practice work, the thoughtfulness of the work is more important to us than what medium you traditionally work in. We welcome applicants at all stages of their artistic practice, and we endeavor to engage with a diverse group of makers with varied experiences and backgrounds.

Artists are selected via open call and a rotating jury process. Finalists will be interviewed by c3:initiative and Pulp & Deckle staff members. Notifications regarding selected artists will be made in spring 2019. Selected residents will be required to sign a memo of understanding prior to their residency. All residencies will be scheduled from May-August 2019.

Residents receive:
- An introductory group workshop at the Pulp & Deckle studio with the four papermaking residents
- Technical assistance from lead papermaker, Jenn Woodward
- A one-month residency at the Pulp & Deckle studio
- A materials stipend of $250
- A group exhibition featuring the 2019 papermaking residents

Please make a single PDF document and label it as follows:
PaperApp2019_Your Last Name (ie. PaperApp2019_Jones)

Include in the PDF:

Website/social media
Phone number
City/State of residence

APPLICATION QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (500 word max for each question)

Tell us about significant life experiences you feel have effected or informed your artistic practice.

What do you consider success to be or look like?

How do you work best with others within collaborations or learning environments?

What themes are you exploring?

How should we be looking at your work?

5-7 IMAGES OF YOUR WORK with title, dimensions, date, medium
You may include video or audio (under 3 minutes), and original writing excerpts (1 page or less).

The deadline for completed applications is January 21st, 2019 by 11:59 PST.
If you have any questions please contact us at


Q: How much papermaking experience do you need to apply?
A: None. We welcome applicants who have prior papermaking experience but prioritize working with creatives who are new to the medium. If you have an existing papermaking practice and are looking for studio access we recommend contacting the Pulp & Deckle studio to discuss studio rental.

Q: If I’m not accepted can I re-apply another year?
A: Yes! We welcome prior year applicants to re-submit.

Q: Do you consider applicants who live outside of Portland, OR?
A: Yes! We welcome applicants from around the globe, however we do not provide living accommodations during the residency, nor do we cover travel expenses.

Q: How physically demanding is the studio work?
A: Papermaking can be a physically challenging process (lifting buckets of water and pulp, cutting up large amounts of fiber from cloth and plants,etc) but we strive to support a range of physical abilities.The Pulp & Deckle lead papermaker, Jenn Woodward, will assist residents with all equipment use, fiber preparation, cleaning, and any other studio needs.

Q: What is your interest in providing this type of residency?
A: The c3: Papermaking Residency began while Pulp & Deckle was in residence as a c3: Project Incubator. When the incubation term ended, c3 wished to continue supporting the program for a variety of reasons- here are just a few: To illuminate the use of a traditional craft form that is often overlooked in the contemporary art field. To support a makerspace within our region. To provide artists with an opportunity to create new-work outside of their usual practice/medium. To invite artists to consider how they can integrate eco-friendly art making materials and tools into their practice.

We encourage you to attend one of our information sessions about the residency. We will go over the application procedure, show examples of past residents’ work, and answer any questions you may have. These sessions are free and optional. You do not need to attend in order to apply.

Thursday, December 13, 2018
7326 N Chicago Ave
Portland, OR 97203

Tuesday, January 8, 2019
6-7 pm
Location TBD


Portland, Oregon: United States

Contact Information

7326 N Chicago Ave
Portland, Oregon 97203
United States