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The Camargo Foundation


The Camargo Foundation welcomes applications from all countries, nationalities, and career levels.

- Scholars & Thinkers (including professionals and practitioners in creative fields such as curators, critics, urban planners, independent scholars, etc.) should be connected to the Arts and Humanities working on French and Francophone cultures, including but not limited to cross-cultural studies that engage the cultures and influences of the Mediterranean region.
- Artists, in all disciplines, who are the primary creators of a new work/project. The Camargo Core Program encourages multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.

Purpose of the residency

- Research, experiment & create: applicants may apply either with a specific project or a specific area of inquiry on which they would like to work during the residency. An area of inquiry should be specific and represent exploration and investigation in the Fellow’s field. The Camargo Core Program welcomes both open-ended exploration, or more focused works and long-term research projects.
- Exchange & network: during the residency, discussions are held regularly to foster cross-disciplinary exchange between Fellows. In addition, the Camargo Foundation’s Staff provides formal and informal links with local professionals to develop possible creative collaborations between the Fellow and the region.

Residency periods:

- Fall (8 weeks)
- Spring (6 / 8 / 11 weeks)

Number of fellowships: 18 Fellowships/year, 9 artists and 9 scholars & thinkers

Stipend: a stipend of 1000 USD per month is available, as is funding for basic transportation to and from Cassis for the Fellow for the residency. In the case of air travel, basic coach class booked far in advance is covered.

Accompanying family members: spouses/adult partners and dependent minor children may accompany fellows for short stays or for the duration of the residency.


In addition to the Camargo Core Program, the Foundation hosts a number of PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS throughout the year. Currently, two are open :
Name of the program : Thinking Europe from the Sea
Deadline to apply : 21st June 2017
The program : Thinking Europe from the Sea invites artists and scholars in the Euro-Mediterranean region to think about Europe from perspectives off the map. What does it mean to think Europe from the water, from the coast (which, for example has been reconfigured into protection zones to facilitate information traffic as Nicole Starosielski argues, while hindering human traffic) as well as from the rivers, streams and rivulets: liquid topological imaginations unfolding against the expansion of borders, the creation of no-land zones (hotspots),the implementation of austerity politics and the petrification of nationalisms.
Eligibility : Applicants must be professionals actively working in the mentioned disciplines. At least one group member must have his/her principal residence in Germany. Preference will be given to teams that include a member from a Mediterranean country (including the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’Azur, European countries as well as countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region). In addition to the artistic quality of the proposal, special consideration will be given to projects and ideasthat include historical, sociological and political approaches. Multidisciplinary team approaches will be given priority. We invite artists and scholars to present their joint project. The program favors exchange in order to allow the team as well as the local arts and science communities to benefit from other perspectives and broaden their horizons.
Duration of the residency : The residencies will run for 3 to 6 weeks at a time, depending on the availability of the selected teams and of the Camargo Foundation. Preferably, they will be held between November 2017 and June 2018.
Stipend : An overall one-time stipend of 2,500 EUR will be granted to the selected project to cover expenditures associated with the residency (including travel expenses and reimbursement for any of the selected artists’ or scholars’material costs).
Accommodation : Accommodation for up to four persons in (a) furnished apartment(s) with bathroom and kitchen at the Camargo Foundation, depending on the availability of the selected team and of the Camargo Foundation.

Name of the program : Calanques, territory of sciences, inspiring influence
Deadline to apply : 22nd June 2017
The program : Actual changes are steering us around questioning ourselves on Human-Nature relationships more and more often. The Calanques national park, the Pythéas Institut (Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, IRD) and the Camargo Foundation have decided to unite themselves in order to invit 8 artists or internationals collectives for a one month residency inJanuary-February 2018. Accompanied by researchers, agents and users of the parl, selectionned artists will be invited to re-invent links tothe nature for inhabitants of a metropole in the perfect context of the Calanques national Park. 8 internationals artists, regardless of discipline, will be invited at the Camargo Foundation to work and re invent the Human-Nature link, in coordination with researchers from Pythéas and in the particular context of the Calanques National Park. In advance ofthe residency, a work of interaction between researchers from Pythéas and people from the Park will be done, depending on the proposals of each selected artist, and tailored meetings will be offered to every artist during the period of residency.
Eligibility : Applicants must be artists actively working in the mentioned disciplines. Applications from artists who already worked in the past on artworks broaching the theme of Human-Nature link will be given priority. Priority will also be given to artists from or who have worked before in cities where the is a periurban national park, notably: Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), Cape Town (South Africa), Nairobi (Kenya), Taipei (Taiwan),Tokyo (Japan), Sydney (Australia).Collectives of maximum two people are eligible.`
Duration of the residency : The residency will take place from January 10th to February 14th, 2018.
Stipend : An overall one-time stipend of 2 000 EUR will be granted to the selected project to cover expenditure associated with the residency (including travel expenses and reimbursement for any of the selected artists’ or scholars’material costs). The program will also take care of the travel costs to get to Cassis (economy class)
Accommodation : Accommodation is a furnished apartment with bathroom and kitchen at the Camargo Foundation, depending on the availability of the selectedteam and of the Camargo Foundation. The Foundation have also available a house for a composer, a studio for visual artist, a library and an open-air amphitheater.


Cassis: France

The Camargo Foundation, located in Cassis, France, and founded by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill, is a residential center offering programming in the humanities and the arts. It offers time and space in a contemplative environment to think, create, and connect. The Foundation encourages the visionary work of scholars, artists, and thought leaders in the arts and humanities.


  • Residency Length: 4 to 11 weeks
  • Average number of artists in residence at a time: 5 artists and 5 academics
  • Number of artists accepted in most recent year: 9
  • Total applicant pool in most current year: 400


  • Application type: Open application
  • Collaboration: May apply as a team
  • Geography: Open to non-US artists
  • Additional eligibility information:

  • Application deadline: October 27, June 21, June 22
  • Application Ongoing: Yes

Past Residents & Quotes

Past residents:
I calculate I've seen the Cape Canaille in 35 or 40 different kinds of light (I have the pictures to prove it), and seeing it from the windows in my studio never got old. It's great to have a wonderful, sunny studio and a lot of working time; greater still to be with so many gifted and amazing people and to get to know their work. I loved the open air markets, the daily walk to the Calanques, the bus ride into Marseille, the teeming masses of people in town on weekends, evening gatherings on the Chinese terrace, and I especially loved the Pizza Pengui at the restaurant we got to know as Disco Pizza. It turns out I also wrote a heck of a lot of music, at least some of it pretty good.
— David Rakowski

Facilities & Services

  • Housing: Private housing (individual apartment/cabin/house)
  • Meals: No meals/food provided
  • Computer/internet access: Computer and internet connection provided in living or studio area (private), Wireless Internet
  • Companions: Spouses/partners allowed for full stay, Children allowed for full stay
    Children are welcome if they are over the age of six and enrolled in and attending local schools or off-campus activities.
  • Accessibility: no
    The Camargo campus is built on the hillside of Cassis and can be difficult to access for people of reduced mobility.
  • Studios/special equipment: Music studio (non-recording), Photography (non-digital)

Residency Fees

There are no fees, although Fellows are expected to cover the cost of their own travel, food and materials.

Stipends / other support

Each Project receives a stipend of $1000 US per month. Basic travel expenses to and from Cassis are also covered.

Additional expectations / opportunities

Regular Project Discussions are organized in which each Fellow’s work is presented and discussed. The rest of the time is fully dedicated to each Fellow’s own work on site.

Contact Information

1 Avenue Jermini
Cassis, 13260