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PANAL 361´s building


RAP/Residencias de Arte Panal is an art residency program with different modalities for young artists, curators and creative people who aim to develop a specific project and enrich their own artistic and creative worlds by taking part in artistic residencies in the city of Buenos Aires with base at PANAL 361. Over the past 5 years we have made partnerships with more than 26 institutions in 18 countries from America, Europe and Asia.

The main objectives of these residencies are to build bridges, ties and networks to promote artists, creatives and curators, facilitating connections between peers and with the local artistic scene. In this way, enhance the creativity of artist and cultural workers who can get to know other realities and productions from Buenos Aires.

Ongoing open call for INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS:

Orientated to artists, curators, designers, cultural managers, researchers and creatives from different disciplines and from any country who want to make an art residency at PANAL 361 (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

The residency includes:

• Shared working space at Panal 361
• Free access to all the common areas of Panal
• wi-fi
• Meetings with RAP and Panal team
• Advertising in social networks about the artist and his residence
• Project follow-up
• Insertion in the local environment
• Specific design of meetings according to the preferences of the resident
• Open Studio
• Visit to museums, galleries, art spaces, shows, etc.
• InHouse dinner.

• Special training course in local techniques.

The residency does not include:
• Accommodation.
• Flight tickets.
• Transport and shipping of artworks, materials and tools.
• Food and private expenses.
• Materials for production.
• Insurances.

• RAP in not responsible for: artworks, materials, personal equipment, damages, thefts or accidents.
• A travel and health insurance and an emergency contact is required.


RAP/Residencias de Arte Panal de PANAL 361 y el Consejo Federal de Inversiones (CFI), a través de su Programa de Cultura, presentan el PROGRAMA DE RESIDENCIAS FEDERALES DE ARTE 2018. El mismo se propone becar a artistas visuales provenientes de todas las regiones argentinas para realizar una residencia de Artes Visuales.

Link a bases, condiciones y ficha de aplicación:

Mail de contacto:

Cierre de convocatorias según la región de Argentina:

NOA: 19 de Abril de 2018
CENTRO: 15 de Junio de 2018
NEA: 3 de Agosto de 2018
CUYO ANDINO: 3 de Agosto de 2018
PATAGONIA: 21 de Septiembre de 2018
C.A.B.A. y GRAN B.A: 28 de Septiembre de 2018.


Buenos Aires: Argentina

PANAL 361 is a creative universe located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a 1.500 m2 space with more than 30 studios, where artists, designers and creative people from different disciplines work every day. STUDIOS, ARTISTS & CREATIVE INDUSTRIES, ART RESIDENCIES, TRAINING PROGRAM, EXHIBITIONS, PRODUCTION OF CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC CONTENT are our fundamental pillars.


  • Residency Length: 1 to 3 month
  • Average number of artists in residence at a time: 40


  • Application type: Open application
  • Additional eligibility information: 

    Send a unique PDF to with the subject “RAP INTERNATIONAL”.
    PDF content: The application form + the following information:
    • Personal information.
    • ID or Passport.
    • CV.
    • Dossier that contains: name, last name, statement and 5 to 10 artwork images.
    • Project description.
    Note: In case of video, please submit the link for review.

    The submission of projects does not grant any rights to participants. All complete proposals will receive a letter of acknowledgment upon arrival.
    RAP/ Residencias de Arte Panal will process the applications in the order they were received and will only contact those applicants whose proposal has been accepted by the selection committee.
    The decisions will be based on the materials provided in the application. The proposals will be reviewed by the evaluation committee that will assess the feasibility of the project and that the quality and artistic opportunity are in compliance with the following criteria:
    + Quality and cohesiveness of the project.
    + Suitability of the project.
    + Feasibility of implementation.
    + Relationship to other collaborators.
    + Artistic, conceptual or technical impact.
    + Originality and innovation.
    The information gathered from the application form and the portfolio can be used by the organizers for promotion of the program.

  • Application deadline: June 30

Facilities & Services

  • Meals: No meals/food provided
  • Computer/internet access: Wireless Internet
  • Companions: Spouses/partners allowed for full stay
  • Accessibility: no
    PANAL 361 has elevator.
  • Studios/special equipment: Book Arts, Digital media, Exhibition / Installation, Film / Digital editing, Fine metals / Jewelry making, Painting, Photography (digital), Photography (non-digital), Printmaking, Sculpture, Woodworking
  • Additional studio information: 
    Shared studio at PANAL 361. The artist in residency will share experiences with more than 36 permanent residents in Panal 361’s community and will participate in the activities of the period. PANAL 361 SPACES AND SERVICES Panal 361 has individual or shared studios where different artists, creatives and designers work every day. Each studio has WIFI and individual key. Also, has a multispace and an auditorium where different programs take place like exhibitions (from PANAL 361 and invited), training programs, events, workshops, conferences, seminars, meetings, among others. The common areas are the halls and yards that work as connectors. They are the places shared by artists as well as visitors, places for recreation and relaxation. We are always suggesting new initiatives and artistic interventions in order to make these spaces come alive and take an active part in the creative process. The kitchen-dinning room is a significant place as everyone can eat and meet there. The Photolab is a fully equipped lab where artists can learn or teach photography as well as use this space for experimentation.

Residency Fees

Send us an e-mail for more information about costs

Stipends / other support

We are opened to institutional agreements of collaboration and exchanges.

Additional expectations / opportunities

What is expected from the resident? • The development of a project, give a talk or workshop and an open studio. • Collaborative activities related to the artistic community of PANAL 361. • Help with the promotion of the program. • Compliance of the institution regulation about uses of the space and facilities. • Give feedback to the organizers about the experience and improvement opportunities.

Contact Information

jean jaures 361
Buenos Aires, 1215