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small farm feel with loving animal energy
Immerse in the flora and fauna of rural mid-south Tennessee
room to wander. animal and landscape inspiration. room for environmental artists.
From lightning bugs to starry night skies, your days can wind down around a campfire.
One of the communal congregation spaces. All areas creatively decorated and residents encouraged to add.

Sarasvati creative space

Emerging Program member

a wonderlost|wanderlust welcome

The namesake – Sarasvati – is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and nature. The Sarasvati space residency program at Camp Wonder Wander offers a safe, comfortable and creatively designed space in a rural setting for participants – designers, writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, storytellers, performers, environmental artists, ecology arts, architects, scholars of various backgrounds, stem teams, or those just seeking a creative outlet – to get lost; to explore their inner dreamscapes and rejuvenate one's inner spirit; to carve out the time and space needed to start, finish, polish or develop projects or portfolios; to generate ideas, to create and engage in experimentation needed in the art, design and creative process. Camp Wonder Wander is an entity within the overall institute established for workshops, retreats, and residencies etc.

Seeking a diverse array of creatives to apply for our residencies. Emerging artists encouraged to apply. In particular, artists interested in the environment, those who need a large space to produce work, those who are interested in using natural materials like bamboo in their projects, and those interested in a collaborative relationship whereby Val, the founder and director, will help document your work over time, translate your story visually for print documentation and/or web representation.

Pets, children and/or spouses may be considered on case by case basis. Small groups or teams welcome.

When necessary transportation to/from airport may be arranged. Transportation is not included in residency fees, and may be necessary if you want to explore the region. Without a vehicle, arrangements can be made for minimal errands. Should bring own supplies as art stores are not nearby - but you may order online for prompt delivery. Your cell phone probably won't work which is a good thing, but there are two phone lines for use as well as wifi on the 5 acres.

The residency program offers affordable short term and longer term opportunities. Based on scheduling you may or may not be sharing community space with others. 5 rooms available : non-pet house features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a living room and eat in kitchen with new appliances including laundry. Ensuite has queen and bunk bed, while a full bed private and a twin bed private use a hall bath. The pet house for those not allergic to cats or dogs features an ensuite with a queen and bunk bed, a twin with shared bath.

Rooms feature storage and work surfaces for your writing or small projects. Drafting tables and production spaces scattered throughout the camp. Several small workshop spaces feature basic tools and enclosed spaces to store your work overnight if needed. The largest studio is about 500 square feet with a large garage door opening great for oversize work. This area should also feature a potter's wheel and kiln by the end of 2018. Basic power tools available for use. There are numerous seating areas throughout the 5 acre side of the property from decks and porches to adirondacks tucked into the landscape and several fire pit zones.

We run on well water and in the pet zone residency also utilize a reclaimed water cistern system. Using natural products for cleaning, soaps, laundry etc as much as possible. All rooms are furnished with linens and pillows, blankets, and towels but there are no housekeepers. You'll have access to the garden when in season and farm fresh eggs from our hens daily. There is no chef at this time, but Val is very interested in coordinating meals and can even cook with you or sometimes for the group depending on the circumstances.


On your application please indicate length of stay and time of year preferences. Terms less than a month are available, Terms 1 to 3 months recommended. 4 to 6 month programs based on application and discussion interview.

Rolling applications will be considered, but recommended deadlines are below. Notifications within 2 weeks of completed application.

Residencies beginning in the months of November - December, 2018
Deadline: September 15, 2018

Residencies beginning in the months of January - April, 2018
Deadline: November 15, 2018

Residencies beginning in the months of May - August, 2019
Deadline: February 15, 2019

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Waynesboro, Tennessee: United States

This is a beautiful area of mid-south Tennessee featuring a landscape of rural rolling hills considered to be the foothills of Appalachia only 15 minute drive to an entrance of the historical Natchez Trace Parkway. Nestled on the Buffalo River, the camp residency center is 17 acres easily accessible on a well maintained road 20 minute drive to a small town in either direction. Don’t fret about needing drive into the back woods on a gravel road, but you’ll still be immersed in an old world feel of the natural landscape that will trigger multiple senses. Residency accommodations are located on a 5 acre track that includes pasture, wooded areas, bamboo grove, garden, and camp animals including donkeys, chickens, rabbits (in the studio), cats on the payroll, and a couple of dogs. The riverside track features a long wood trail that opens up into a huge field while the river is accessible on a hike down the bluff where you’ll find a swimming hole (kayaks available, a drop in 10 minute drive is a 4 hr coast back). Spring comes early in February with daffodils and gradual flowers blooming to become a very green area between numerous farms. Winter will come but usually mild with coldest temps in January and February. Small cities of Florence, AL and Columbia, TN are about an hour drive, while the booming metropolis of Nashville is 1.5-2 hr drive. One of the oldest intentional communities is about 30 minutes away and there are some coffee shops within that distance too.

Contact Information

599 Gaither Hinson Rd.
Waynesboro, Tennessee 38485
United States