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January 09, 2019

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December 20, 2018

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December 20, 2018

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The Alliance of Artists Communities is an international network of artists' communities, colonies, and residency programs.

As a collective voice for the field, there are things the Alliance can accomplish that no single residency program can do on its own: partnering with funders to provide grants to residencies in the US and abroad; bringing together national and international leaders to develop strategies for comprehensive support of today's artists; and providing consolidated information resources to artists on the wealth of residency opportunities available to them.

“I come away from an encounter with members and staff of the Alliance of Artists Communities reminded that my organization is not alone in its efforts to offer blessed sanctuary to the cultural flamekeepers among us. I carry a greater resolve that what we do matters. For this, the Alliance is essential.” - Suny Monk, former director, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

The Alliance includes more than 400 members - a diverse field of artists’ communities, residency programs, individuals, and institutions that support living artists in the creation of new work - in more than 20 countries worldwide and in all 50 U.S. states, with budgets ranging from $8,000 to $4 million.

Become a member today!


Emerging Program


Program promotion: online profile, listings
in monthly e-newsletters and deadline announcements, inclusion in publications, and job postings


Partial program listing: limited online profile, listing in deadline announcements, and job postings


Discounts on Consulting Services: business planning, site visits, and program assessment  
Resources: benchmarking data, sample documents, and other resources specific to the field of artist residencies    
Discounts on registration to annual conferences, regional meetings, and institutes
Eligibility to receive grants from the Alliance      
Fiscal sponsorship for start-ups and organizations outside the U.S.    
Online posting of news, jobs, and blogs on the Alliance website

Participation in special issue groups (e.g., Urban Residencies, Art & Ecology, Residencies Abroad) and regional networks    
Alliance Organizational Member
mailing list

Voting on issues of Alliance policy and governance

Alliance partner benefits, including professional development opportunities, advocacy, and more  
PRICING PER YEAR $500-5,000*
$300 $500 $100

*Budget < $350,000 = $500/yr;
*Budget > $350,000 = budget x 0.00175 (not to exceed $5,000)
*If your residency program is part of a larger institution, you may calculate dues based on your residency program budget only.


Organizational Member: 
Organizations that support individuals in the development of new creative work [join|learn]

Emerging Program Member: Organizations developing residency programming [join|learn]

Affiliate Member: Any other entity whose mission is inextricably linked to creativity [join|learn]

Individual Member: Individuals who support the Alliance’s work [join|learn]

Cohort Member: Organizations or programs that are engaged with 3 or more other small residency programs in ongoing collaboration, AND that have a budget of <$150,000/year [join|learn(special member category by invitation only)