Artist Communities Alliance (ACA) advocates globally for just and generative environments that are supportive of artists and creatives. ACA advocates for the evolving needs of the field, working to ensure that artists and residencies are visible, resourced and equitable. 

ACA is the bridge between the residency field and cultural partners, including policymakers, funders, arts agencies and other entities. We strive to build awareness and understanding of the critical role of artist residencies — the most comprehensive resource for artist support at every stage of the creative process — to the arts writ large. 

ACA organizes artist residencies to take individual and collective action, locally and nationally. We stay abreast of key policy issues and campaigns, representing and supporting artist residencies in advocating for equitable access, COVID relief funding for the arts, visa policy, artist mobility and more. 

ACA Advocacy Alerts provide timely information on advocacy campaigns, policy issues and funding opportunities that affect artists and arts organizations. 

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