The McKnight Fellowship Residency is a partnership between the Artist Communities Alliance (ACA) and the McKnight Foundation. The opportunity provides McKnight Fellows with residency placements at partner host sites. 

Eligible artists will be contacted directly by ACA staff with more information about participating in this program. For 2023 McKnight Fellows, there are more details about your matchmaking process below the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the McKnight Fellowship Residency? 

A: The McKnight Fellowship Residency is a partnership between Artist Communities Alliance (ACA) and the McKnight Foundation designed to support the McKnight Fellows’ artistic practices. This opportunity offers McKnight Fellows a one- to two-week residency experience at a residency host site, selected from our membership organizations. 

Q: Tell me about the residency being offered to McKnight Fellows. 

A: Through the McKnight Fellowship Residency opportunity, McKnight Fellows are eligible for one- to two-week residencies at one of a cohort of partner residencies. Artists will receive a residency stipend and travel stipend to support this opportunity, funded by the McKnight Foundation and administered by ACA. 

Q: What residencies are participating in this program?

A: The list of this year's participating residencies is linked here! Each year, we choose residencies from ACA's member network to offer a selection of residencies which serve the broad range of disciplines represented by McKnight Fellows. As such, the slate of residencies changes slightly from year to year. 

Q: How will I know what residency I’m going to? 

A: ACA has designed a matchmaking process that pairs you with a suitable host residency, taking into account your artistic practice, needs, and preferences. McKnight Fellows fill out a matchmaking profile indicating your residency preferences, accessibility needs, priorities, etc., which will then be shared with participating residencies and ACA staff. Your input is weighed against the residencies’ program and facilities, with the intention of making a match that is mutually beneficial. While we aren’t always able to place artists at their first-choice residency, we aim to offer you a residency at a program that is compatible with your needs, desires, and intentions for your time in residence. 

Q: Who is eligible for a residency experience through this program?

A: All McKnight Fellows are offered the opportunity to attend a residency in the two-year period following their award year. For instance, all 2023 McKnight Fellows will be eligible for a residency taking place in 2024-2025. There is no application process beyond completing the matchmaking profile - this opportunity is automatically granted to interested McKnight Fellows. 

Q: What is the timeline for this program?

A: McKnight Fellows should expect to hear from us in the spring after being awarded their fellowships. The timeline for 2023 McKnight Fellows is below; future McKnight Fellows should expect a similar timeline. 

2023 McKnight Fellows will hear directly from ACA in spring 2024. ACA will announce the program partners by early June, followed by eligible McKnight Fellows receiving information about the matchmaking process and a brief profile to fill out. ACA will also host a virtual information session for McKnight Fellows in late June to explain the process and answer any questions. Artist profiles are due on Submittable by July 29th. Artists will then hear about their residency matches in September, and ACA staff will connect artists directly with residency staff to begin scheduling. Residencies will take place before the end of 2025, and artists will receive their residency and travel stipends directly from ACA approximately 6 weeks before their scheduled residency start date. 

Q: Why a one- to two-week residency?

A: The shorter residency length allows us to offer a residency to more artists, and also provides flexibility for artists for whom a longer residency is less manageable - for instance, artists with caretaking responsibilities, artists with access needs that make it difficult to be away from home, or artists who work a full-time job. We recognize that this is a short residency, and encourage you to think about how you might be able to make the most of this opportunity while also being realistic about what you can achieve within this timeframe. A shorter residency is a great opportunity to explore or refine a new technique, advance your research, or simply rest in a new environment!

Q: Can I extend my residency stay to longer than one to two weeks?

A: If it’s mutually agreeable for both you and the residency program, absolutely! That said, we aren’t able to increase your stipend in proportion to the increased residency length. If that’s ok with you and with the residency program, feel free to stay longer than two weeks. 

Q: What facilities or amenities will I have access to while in residence?

A: That depends on the residency program you’re placed with! We work with a diverse selection of residency host sites with the intention of meeting the needs of all our McKnight Fellows. While each residency program will offer you a different experience, all participating residencies will be prepared to provide you with housing for the duration of your stay.

Q: Can I bring a partner/collaborator/caretaker/child with me to the residency?

A: If you have an access need that necessitates bringing a caretaker with you, we will make arrangements at a residency that can accommodate this. In terms of collaborators or family, we make assessments on a case-by-case basis depending on your situation and what our residencies are able to accommodate. If bringing a partner, family member, or collaborator is the difference between you being able to have a successful residency, let us know! We make every effort to set you up with a situation that is beneficial, within the parameters of the program. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Q: What if I have accessibility needs that affect my ability to attend a residency?

A: We provide space for you to communicate your access needs during the matchmaking process. We take access needs very seriously, and are prepared to advocate on your behalf for anything you may need in order to access your residency opportunity. If you have a question or concern, please reach out to grants [at]

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

A: All questions about the McKnight Artist Residencies consortium can be directed to grants [at]

Matchmaking for 2023 McKnight Fellows

ACA has designed a matchmaking process to pair McKnight Fellows with residencies at participating partner residency programs. The matchmaking profile for 2023 McKnight Fellows will be sent out via email, and must be completed by Monday, July 29th for participation in the program. 

We recommend the following steps in completing your matchmaking profile:

1. Think about what you want from a residency!

  • Ask yourself what you and your practice need this year and next. Is it dedicated studio time? Connection with other artists? Solitude? Time to rest?
  • Bear in mind that this opportunity is for a 1-2 week residency, and adjust your thinking accordingly! You can do a lot in 1-2 weeks, but it may not be enough time to learn a whole new skill from scratch, complete a body of work from start to finish, etc. Some residencies may be able to offer you more time, but it’s not a guarantee.

2. Review the matchmaking profile. You'll be asked for: 

  • Personal info (name, pronouns, identities, McKnight discipline)
  • Preferences regarding residency context/environment
  • Space to note equipment you require
  • Priorities for your residency
  • Special circumstances, access needs
  • Scheduling availability
  • Residency site preferences
  • Work samples

3. Review/research the available residency sites! More information can be found here, including links to residency site profiles on ACA directory.

4. OPTIONAL: Ask questions by emailing grants [at]

5. OPTIONAL: Attend the Artist Info Session in late June to talk to ACA staff about your profile and get your questions answered!

6. Complete the matchmaking profile by EOD July 29, 2024!

  • When indicating your residency site preferences, please select 3 - 5 residency sites that you would be excited to attend. If you select only one residency site, we cannot guarantee that it will be a match based on your needs and the residency’s availability. We are working to accommodate all of the McKnight Fellows’ needs and interests, and your flexibility is appreciated!
  • When sharing your work samples, please show a few examples of work that is representative of your current practice or what you might be working on in residence. Residency staff will be reviewing work samples from all participating McKnight Fellows, so keep it brief if you can!
  • Bear in mind that this is not an application in the formal sense; this matchmaking is not about demonstrating merit or artistic excellence, but about giving ACA staff and residency staff a sense of your needs, interests, and practice. Everyone who opts into this program will be offered a residency, so this is not a competition!

7. Receive notification of your residency site in September 2024.

  • Residencies will review your matchmaking profile
  • ACA will use artist and residency preferences to match you with a residency site

8. Schedule directly with your residency site for a residency by the end of 2025. Once you’ve confirmed your placement, ACA will connect you directly with your residency site to schedule.