Artist Communities Alliance (ACA) administers funds to artists and artist residency programs in partnership with foundations and arts agencies. These partnerships fulfill the funder’s dedication to deepen engagement with their artist awardees, and deploy valuable resources to the residency field, in order to co-create generative and healthy residency climates. 

In 2020 and 2021, ACA administered the Rhode Island COVID Relief Fund in partnership with Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the Rhode Island Foundation to deploy over a million dollars to Rhode Island arts workers and creatives. 

Central to ACA's grantmaking efforts are our consortia programs — long-term regranting partnerships with funders that provide direct support to artists and select artist residency hosts. These programs offer artists the opportunity to reflect on their artistic practice and connect with other artists across disciplines, as well as offering pathways for artists that have been historically underrepresented in the residency field.  

Our consortia programs also foster community and connectivity among residency programs and the people who power them, building networks and relationships for further knowledge-sharing and exchange. This is exemplified by our ongoing action research initiative with the McKnight Foundation.

Inquiries regarding grantmaking and partnerships may be directed to grants [at]