Japan 2024 - take your creative flow on the road, a 2 week travel experience

Associated Residency Program

Is nature your muse, inspiration, or collaborator? Let your creativity FLOW on a two week travel experience with nature and art as the primary focus in Japan featuring some of the amazing sites and off-the-beaten path areas of Japan with 8 creative people.

JUNE 25 - JULY 9, 2024

FOUR SPOTS available, then a waiting list. Contact mail@campwonderwander.org today to discuss. There is no application fee, but there is an interview process. Seeking those who will travel well in a group in a variety of accommodations and those that are interested in taking your creative research or practice to Japan.


Have you ever wanted to travel to Japan, but worried about logistics, the planning, or the language? That's why you should travel with Val as your guide. Val has traveled to the country 9 times during 2010-2019 coordinating several group experiences and solo time including a 5 week sabbatical.

The goal for this trip is to have an art and nature immersion with fellow creatives who want to photograph, draw, paint, journal, doodle, and otherwise explore art and culture activities such as shrines, temples, gardens, and galleries or museums. If you are looking for a more enriching experience than photo ops for social media, we can spend time in walkabouts at various times of day or night, have sit spots for drawing/painting, and likely converse over meals about whatever we saw that day. If you love to explore with your visual sensibilities, but that annoys your regular travel mates then this experience is up your alley.


We'll fly into Tokyo, ride the Shinkansen to Kyoto, and then explore a lovely region between Nara and Kanazawa along Lake Biwa and the Japan Sea using our train pass. By planning early, one of the goals is to reserve some incredible accommodation options in each place.

The itinerary of locations and details including photos is available on the website page here.

Price per person ($1,750) does not include international flight, travel insurance, food, or personal expenses. Price includes group accommodations (private rooms not always available or guaranteed), transportation in country via train and sometimes local buses, entry fees or activities pre-arranged, at least one guided Forest Therapy walk, coordination and tour guide role of host and artist participant, Val. Price does not include course curriculum, but you might be able to negotiate with your school to get an independent study for a component of the work you create during this travel experience.

A deposit of $200 (100 non-refundable) will be due no later than June 2023 to hold your spot and then a payment plan will be established. There is no application fee, but there will be an interview to make sure that the group will be cohesive and travel well together.

Residency Length
2 weeks - 2 weeks
Average Number of Artists in Residence at a Time
Collaborative Residency
Must apply and be accepted individually
Interdisciplinary Arts
Mixed Media
Visual Arts
Paper Arts
Literary Nonfiction
New Genres
Performance Art
Digital Media
Electronic Arts
Moving Image
Multimedia Arts
Graphic Design
Environmental Arts
Landscape Architecture
Public Art
Social Practice
Art Conservation
Art Education
Art History
Family Friendly
Stage of Career
Any stage of career
Additional Expectations/Opportunities
Accessible Housing
Meals Provided
No meals are provided
Studios/Facilities Accessibility
Partially Accessible (50% or more)
Type of Housing
Shared bedroom
Additional Eligibility Information

Applicants with nature as their muse, inspiration, or collaborator will receive priority.

Individuals must demonstrate an interest in taking creative practice on the road and why the specific location of Japan would be beneficial.

Individuals must demonstrate ability to travel with a group and be amenable to sometimes shared housing or using traditional Japanese style sleeping on futons and tatami mats. Participants must be willing to adjust personal habits to adapt to the culture in Japan such as not eating while walking, remaining relatively quiet on public trains and buses, not wearing shoes inside. Participants must be willing to travel light and not take luggage larger than a carry-on meaning you may need to do laundry at some point during the trip. You must be able to carry your own luggage through train stations and up/down lots of stairs as elevators and escalators are not as often available or are really out of the way when traveling with 8 people.

Participants must be adaptable and willing to go with the flow. We may have a general itinerary for the day or it may be a spontaneous adventure. There are some days that you'll be able to split off on your own or in small groups depending on the particular place.

Participants should be more interested in the creative and cultural experience rather than partying all night or drinking like a salaryman having a bad hang-over. Reminder that smoking is still allowed in some restaurants, but not while walking on streets. Prefer participants who are non-smokers and non-vapers as well as those who are moderate or limited in alcohol consumption. Participants should be willing to try the cuisine or at least be open to the various options knowing that sometimes we cannot find a restaurant to suit each person in that moment.

If you are interested in extending your residency on site in Tennessee to work with Val on your project, please inquire.

Note: If you are on anti-anxiety or other medication, please note that some prescription medications in the U.S. are illegal in Japan. If you are uncomfortable in crowds or have any travel anxiety issues such as panic attacks in place or not knowing where we are going, this is probably not the trip for you.

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Artist Stipend
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Travel Stipend/Material Stipends
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Residency Fees
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This is a special travel experience. You may opt to extend your residency in Tennessee to continue to work on the creative work emanating from this travel experience.

Grant/Scholarship/other Funding Support
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There are no grants, scholarships, or other funding available.

Application Fee
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Open application