Artists working in Watershed's ceramics studio

Artists working in Watershed's ceramics studio

Artist Residencies

Newcastle, ME, United States

Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts offers residency sessions that provide artists with uninterrupted time to focus on their practices in our state-of-the-art ceramics studio. During a session, up to sixteen artists form a creative community as they live and work together on campus. Participants enjoy 24-hour studio access and comfortable on-campus accommodations in single or double occupancy rooms.

Watershed’s residency model prioritizes the development of creative community. Artists work alongside one another in our open-concept studio while forging lasting personal and professional connections.

Each two-week Summer Residency session has a theme and a core group of artists who anchor the session. Additional artists join the session through our application process, often drawn by an interest in the session theme. Watershed provides housing and all meals with food sourced from local organic farms.

The four-week Fall Residency offers a retreat-like atmosphere without any thematic structure. Artists live and work alongside one another and cook for themselves.


103 Cochran Road
Edgecomb, ME 04556
United States

Year Founded
Residency Structure
Residency Program Type
Studio-based (with housing)
Residency Length
2 weeks - 4 weeks
Average Number of Artists in Residence at a Time
Collaborative Residency
Must apply and be accepted individually
Ceramics/Clay Arts/Pottery
Pets are not allowed
Country of Residence
Open to artists based anywhere in the world
Family Friendly
Stage of Career
Any stage of career
Additional Expectations/Opportunities
Participate in open studio with fellow residents
How does your residency program support artists?
Opportunity to be in another context
Unstructured time
Art production support
Access to studio space to create new work
Access to equipment, specialized facilities and/or technical support
Inspiration from natural environment
Opportunities to collaborate with other artists/residents
Opportunities to develop relationships with other artists/residents
Additional Eligibility Information

Any artist who is comfortable working independently in a ceramics studio may apply to join a residency. Watershed is committed to creating an equitable and welcoming space for all to explore creative practice. 

Beginning in 2022, Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts is building residency session cohorts through an application-based model, rather than registering participating artists on a first-come, first-served basis. This change reflects our intention to create a more equitable resident artist application process. Through this new model, Watershed can prioritize placements for scholarship recipients and intentionally develop a more representative and inclusive resident artist community.

Number of Artists Accepted in Most Current Year
Total Applicant Pool in Most Current Year
Artist Stipend
Travel Stipend/Material Stipends
Residency Fees
US Dollar (USD)
Fee Details

Summer Residency pricing for a two-week session:

  • Residency fee: $1200
  • Housing & meals: $700-$1600, depending on housing selection.

Fall Residency pricing for a four-week session:

  • Residency fee: $1200
  • Housing fee: $700-$1600, depending on housing selection
  • Resident artists cook for themselves during the Fall Residency.


Grant/Scholarship/other Funding Support
US Dollar (USD)
Grant/Scholarship/Other Funding Support Details

Scholarship awards and work-exchange positions help artists cover the costs of a residency at Watershed. To apply, artists can indicate that they would like consideration for support in their general application. Applications are juried annually by a panel of practicing ceramic artists. Jurors consider applicants’ dedication to their practice, appropriate fit for the session theme (as applicable), evidence of artistic merit, and, for applicants who are newer to clay, the degree of promise demonstrated by their work and submitted statements.

Summer Residency Scholarship Awards:

  • Full scholarship awards cover all residency fees, housing in a double occupancy room, and a $100 materials and kiln firing stipend.
  • Kiln God Awards are full scholarships open to any artist. Zenobia Awards are full scholarships for artists of color/BIPOC artists.
  • Partial scholarships range from $1000-$1300 and cover residency tuition and fees.

Fall Residency Work-Exchange Awards

  • Work-exchange positions reduce artist fees by $700. Artists work for Watershed for 10 hours per week in exchange for the discount on fees.
Application Fee
US Dollar (USD)
Application Type
Open application
What does your program provide during the residency experience?
Manual / handbook before arrival
Communication before arrival to discuss accommodations, medical conditions, or other health needs
Orientation upon arrival
Contact information and available accommodations for programs, events, and campus
Full description of accessibility on campus
Contact info for accessibility requests for event/programming
Is your campus wheelchair accessible?
Partially Accessible
Additional Accessibility Information

Watershed’s campus is located on uneven terrain that includes fields, forests, gravel roads, and paths. We provide accessible parking for the dining area, housing, and studio. The studio is fully accessible. To reach most cabins, participants must navigate stairs and paths; however, access to one cabin can be modified to accommodate some disabilities. 

Watershed will make every effort to provide appropriate housing and program access to people with known disabilities to the degree possible without posing an undue hardship for the organization. People with disabilities are responsible for requesting appropriate accommodations and helping Watershed assess how best to assist them. Please contact us to discuss any accessibility questions or needs.

Case by case consideration by staff
Accessibility Contact Name
Fran Rudoff
Accessibility Contact Email
Accessibility Contact Phone Number
How much of the residency experience can artists with limited mobility participate?

Artists with limited mobility can access all areas in Watershed's studio. Our kilns are also on flat terrain. Electric kilns are located in a room accessed via doors with turning handles. Gas kilns are on a flat concrete pad and one of the wood kilns can be loaded from the flat kiln pad.

During the pandemic, meals served during the Summer Residency are eaten outside under tents on a flat lawn.

During the Fall Residency, artists cook for themselves. The fully accessible studio also has a kitchenette. It contains a refrigerator, standard height counters, a sink, and a convection oven and hot plate.

Housing is located on slightly sloping terrain with gentle steps leading to the porch. Please contact us to discuss any accessibility questions or needs.

Please briefly describe the facilities and areas of the campus that are NOT accessible.

Access to fire Watershed's wood kilns is down a short set of stairs.

The campus dining room and kitchen are accessed via a flat walk way with one short step down into the main part of the building. The kitchen is set up with standard height counters, refrigerators, and a stove and oven.

Housing is located on slightly sloping terrain with gentle steps leading to the porch. Please contact us to discuss any accessibility questions or needs.

Type of Housing
Private housing on campus (individual apartment/cabin/house)
Private bedroom in a shared housing facility on campus
Shared bedroom
Accessible Housing
Partially Accessible (50% or more)
Housing for Companion And/or Caregivers
Case by case consideration
Accessible Communal Spaces
ADA Compliant
Common/Communal Spaces Information

The fully accessible studio has a gathering and dining space.

Additional Housing Information
No laundry access
WIFI available in housing
Housekeeping services
Meals Provided
All meals
Some meals (at least 2 meals provided)
Residents have access to shared kitchen
Additional Meals Information
Vegan meal options can be requested
Vegetarian meal options can be requested
Gluten-free meal options can be requested
Food allergies and restrictions can be accommodated
Snack and beverage provided
Computer/Internet Access
Wireless Internet (WIFI)
Studios/Facilities Details

Watershed’s spacious, fully accessible, state-of-the-art studio is tucked into a wooded dale that is accessed via a gently sloping gravel drive from the cabins. The studio, spread over a single story with polished concrete floors and an open plan, accommodates and encourages all manner and scale of ceramic production while fostering interaction and communication between artists.

Resident artists have access to the studio 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is equipped with slab rollers, pottery wheels, an extruder, clay mixers, a pugmill, sturdy canvas-covered work benches, and plentiful shelving. Generous banks of windows provide both natural light and views of the surrounding woods. All work spaces have access to electrical outlets and the building is internet friendly.

A large glaze room is connected to the exterior Kiln Pad by a covered breezeway providing ample, clean, organized and ventilated work space with easy access to kilns. There is a floor-to-ceiling spray booth with water-curtain filtration.

Also located in the Studio building are a dedicated plaster room, clay mixing area, galley kitchenette and a seating area. Just across the dooryard at the Kiln Annex is a wood and metal shop available for use by permission.

Studios/Special Equipment
Shared Studios
Exhibition / Installation Space
Ceramics Workspace
Electric Wheels
Kick Wheels
Slab Roller
Clay Mixers
Plaster Room
Raku Kiln
Electric Kiln
Gas Kiln
Well-ventilated Spray Room
Dedicated Wood Shop
Woodworking Tools
Studios/Facilities Accessibility
ADA Compliant
Studio Support/Tech
Studio/facility orientation provided
Studio support provided by staff
Air Conditioned