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iskwé works in the studio

iskwé works in the studio

Imajyn Cardinal - Sould, 2019, Indigenous Arts. Photo by Jessica Wittman.

Imajyn Cardinal - Sould, 2019, Indigenous Arts. Photo by Jessica Wittman.

Re(Claim) with Iskwe performance; Ora Barlow-Tukaki with Re(Claim) participants. Photo by Donald Lee.

Re(Claim) with Iskwe performance; Ora Barlow-Tukaki with Re(Claim) participants. Photo by Donald Lee.

Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity | Indigenous Arts

Banff, AB, Canada

Informed by Indigenous cultures and worldviews, we offer programs in all disciplines for emerging to established Indigenous artists. Our programs are highly transformative, situate rigour and exploration at their centre, and are inspired by ‘power of place’ here in Treaty 7 territory.

Through outstanding performances, concerts, residencies, presentations, workshops, talks, and exhibitions, Indigenous Arts contributes to strong and vibrant Indigenous arts communities in Canada and around the globe.

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107 Tunnel Mountain Drive
PO Box 1020
Banff AB T1L 1H5

Year Founded
Residency Structure
Embedded in an arts or cultural organization (including theater + gallery)
Embedded in a non-profit inn and retreat center
Residency Program Type
Studio-based (with housing)
Residency Length
5 days - 6 months
Average Number of Artists in Residence at a Time
Collaborative Residency
Must apply and be accepted individually
May apply as a team
Interdisciplinary Arts
Mixed Media
Visual Arts
Book Arts
Ceramics/Clay Arts/Pottery
Costume/Fashion Design
Digital Fabrication
Fine Metals/Jewelry
Installation Arts
Paper Arts
Textile & Fiber Arts/Weaving
Literary Nonfiction
New Genres
Performance Art
Digital Media
Multimedia Arts
Sound Art
Environmental Arts
Country of Residence
Open to artists based anywhere in the world
Family Friendly
Stage of Career
Any stage of career
Additional Expectations/Opportunities
Participate in public programming
Participate in open studio with fellow residents
Give artist talk or presentation
How does your residency program support artists?
Opportunity to be in another context
Opportunity to travel
Immersion in new culture and/context
Unstructured time
Restricted funding
Access to studio space to create new work
Access to equipment, specialized facilities and/or technical support
Access to training on new artistic techniques and/or apprenticeship
Inspiration from natural environment
Inspiration from cultural context
Professional development support and/or trainings
Opportunities to develop relationships with local or regional artists/arts organizations
Opportunities to collaborate with other artists/residents
Opportunities to develop relationships with other artists/residents
Opportunities to exhibit or perform new work
Additional Eligibility Information

Each residency has specific eligibility requirements, please visit our website for our current and available programs open for application.

Artist Stipend
Travel Stipend/Material Stipends
Residency Fees
Fee Details

Program fee is subject to applicable taxes. Non-refundable fees and deposits will be retained upon cancellation. Any other fees are refunded at the discretion of the Banff Centre. The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

Please visit the Fees & Financial Aid section of the program pages to learn more about individual program's specific fees and funding availabilities. 


Grant/Scholarship/other Funding Support
Grant/Scholarship/Other Funding Support Details

Banff Centre offers a range of scholarship and funding opportunities for each residency. If you would like to be considered, please complete the Financial Aid section when uploading your supporting materials through the application portal. 

Please visit the Fees & Financial Aid section of the program page to learn more about individual program's specific fees and funding availabilities. 

Application Fee
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Application Type
Open application
What does your program provide during the residency experience?
Manual / handbook before arrival
Communication before arrival to discuss accommodations, medical conditions, or other health needs
Orientation upon arrival
Contact information and available accommodations for programs, events, and campus
Links to resources, effective practices, grievance procedures, etc.
Accessible seating
Contact info for accessibility requests for event/programming
Is your campus wheelchair accessible?
Partially Accessible
Additional Accessibility Information

Banff Centre strives to support individuals to the best of our ability and believe addressing accommodations is a collaborative process to establish the appropriate supports. If you have mobility or other accessibility requirements, please inform Participant Resources as soon as possible upon your acceptance into a program. Any delay in requesting accommodations will affect our ability to make arrangements on your behalf resulting in limited options and/or a delay in commencement of accommodations.

Once your information is received, we will be in contact to discuss how (and if) we are able to support the accommodations required to ensure you can be successful in your program.

Housing available on campus
Case by case consideration by staff
Accessibility Contact Name
Accessibility Contact Email
Accessibility Contact Phone Number
Other Services/Aids Offered in Residency + Other Programming

Please visit the following links to learn more about Banff Centre's campus, accessibility, and Participant Resources.

How much of the residency experience can artists with limited mobility participate?

Banff Centre welcomes guests with mobility challenges. We are always trying to improve our ability to serve all guests, artists, and leaders. Our team works with incoming guest to try to meet the needs of each individual in our facilities and services.

Please briefly describe the facilities and areas of the campus that are NOT accessible.

We have wheelchair accessible rooms, studios, dining facilities, and meeting areas. There are paths, roadways, or ramps that provide access to and throughout most buildings. However, the centre, built on the side of a mountain, presents challenges to those with limited mobility. We recommend that you contact us in advance so that we can meet you upon your arrival to facilitate your understanding of the best routes and services available.

Type of Housing
Private bedroom in a shared housing facility on campus
Accessible Housing
ADA Compliant
Partially Accessible (50% or more)
Housing for Companion And/or Caregivers
Housing available
Accessible Communal Spaces
Universally designed
Common/Communal Spaces Information

Our unique campus facilities are spread over 42 acres of land on the west side of Tunnel Mountain and just a few blocks from downtown Banff.


Stay with us at newly renovated Lloyd Hall Hotel, situated at the centre of campus and featuring views of the surrounding alpine woodlands.


Enjoy an elegant dinner at Three Ravens, one of the top-rated restaurants in Banff.

Fitness + Recreation

Sally Borden Fitness and Recreation Centre is a comprehensive fitness facility in town that includes a climbing wall.

Library + Archives

When you need a quiet space, grab a book and enjoy stunning vistas from the on-campus Paul D. Fleck Library & Archives or explore a contemporary art exhibition at Walter Phillips Gallery.

Banff Centre offers all gender washrooms across campus. For a detailed map of locations, click here

Additional Housing Information
Access to laundry on campus
WIFI available in housing
Housekeeping services
Meals Provided
Some meals (at least 2 meals provided)
Additional Meals Information
Vegan meal options can be requested
Vegetarian meal options can be requested
Gluten-free meal options can be requested
Food allergies and restrictions can be accommodated
Computer/Internet Access
Computer and internet connection provided in common area (shared)
Computer and internet connection provided in studio area (private)
Wireless Internet (WIFI)
Studios/Facilities Details

Indigenous Arts programs can have access to a wide range of studios on campus, from theatres, dance and music studios, Visual arts facilities and more. 

Studios/Special Equipment
Exhibition / Installation Space
Performance/Presentation Facilities
Dance Studio With Sprung Floor
Dance Studio Without Sprung Floor
Ceramics Workspace
Electric Wheels
Kick Wheels
Slab Roller
Clay Mixers
Plaster Room
Raku Kiln
Electric Kiln
Gas Kiln
Dedicated Metal Shop
Plasma Cutter
Anvils, Stakes + Hammers
Hydraulic Press
Soldering Workspace
Gas/Oxy Torches
Finishing Room
Buffing Machine
Casting Room
Electroforming + Etching Room
Darkroom (Black And White)
Darkroom (Color)
Lighting Studio/Green Screen
Large Format Printer / Plotter
Large Format Scanner
Film Scanner
Printers + Scanner
Photo + Video Editing Suite
Painting Workspace (Oil)
Drawing Benches
Printmaking Workspaces
Book Arts Facilities
Etching Press
Glass Inking Table
Drying Racks
Aquatint Box
Hot Plates
Paper Soaking Sinks
Paper Tearing Table
Acid Room
Silkscreen Studio
Lithography Studio
Light Tables
Large Sinks
Large Exposure Unit
Washout Room
Papermaking Studio
Textiles Workspace
Fiber Arts Workspace
Dye Area
Padded Screen Print Tables
Hooded Dye Mixing Station
Drying Room
Well-ventilated Spray Room
Washer And Dryer
Dedicated Wood Shop
Woodworking Tools
Router Table
Wood Bending Equipment
Wood Vises And Wood Working Table
Studios/Facilities Accessibility
Partially Accessible (50% or more)
Studio Support/Tech
Studio/facility orientation provided
Studio support provided by staff
Studio support provided by dedicated tech
Studios/facilities Details
Additional Studio Information

Please refer to each residency page for further details.