A large table used for screen printing with a metal paper drying rack next to it. The table is in front of two large windows.

A large table used for screen printing with a metal paper drying rack next to it. The table is in front of two large windows.

A lithography press.

A lithography press.

A large captains wheel american french tool press.

A large captains wheel american french tool press.

A large captains wheel with a medium american french tool press

A large captains wheel with a medium american french tool press

A type cabinet displaying various letters of type used for letterpress printing.

A type cabinet displaying various letters of type used for letterpress printing.

A black man kneeling down to assist his large colorful digital pigment print coming out of a large epson printer

A black man kneeling down to assist his large colorful digital pigment print coming out of a large epson printer

a close up shot of a small etching press next to a long table.

a close up shot of a small etching press next to a long table.

Kala Art Institute Artist-in-Residence

Berkeley, CA, United States

Artists working in various printmaking techniques, photo-processes, book arts and digital media including video production can apply to become an Artist-in-Residence. Residency applications are accepted online three times per year. Artists who apply for a residency should be familiar with at least one of the media offered at Kala. Considerations for acceptance are conceptual creativity and technical knowledge.

Resident artists receive year-round 24-hour access to the printmaking workshop and/or media center, individual storage space, possible exposure on Kala’s website and in other exhibitions at Kala or outside exhibition spaces, and participation in a vital, international artistic community. 

Applications are reviewed three times per year: March 15, July 15, and October 15. Applications are reviewed by Kala’s Artist Residency Manager and in consultation with Kala’s print studio and digital art lab managers. We are looking for existing technical knowledge and the ability to work independently on Kala’s specialized equipment along with artistic and conceptual strength.


1060 Heinz Ave
Berkeley, CA 94710
United States

Year Founded
Residency Structure
Embedded in an arts or cultural organization (including theater + gallery)
Embedded in a non-profit inn and retreat center
Longterm/embedded in neighborhood
Residency Program Type
Studio-based (no housing)
Studio-based (with housing)
Residency Length
1 month - 3 months
Average Number of Artists in Residence at a Time
Collaborative Residency
Must apply and be accepted individually
May apply as a team
Mixed Media
Visual Arts
Digital Fabrication
Installation Arts
Paper Arts
Performance Art
Augmented Reality
Digital Media
Sound Art
Graphic Design
Social Practice
Art Education
Art History
Country of Residence
Open to artists based anywhere in the world
Family Friendly
Residents granted leave during residency
Stage of Career
Any stage of career
Additional Expectations/Opportunities
Donate a work of art
How does your residency program support artists?
Immersion in new culture and/context
Unstructured time
Art production support
Access to studio space to create new work
Access to equipment, specialized facilities and/or technical support
Access to training on new artistic techniques and/or apprenticeship
Inspiration from natural environment
Inspiration from cultural context
Opportunities to develop relationships with local or regional artists/arts organizations
Opportunities to collaborate with local or regional artists/arts organizations
Opportunities to collaborate with other artists/residents
Opportunities to develop relationships with other artists/residents
Additional Eligibility Information

A Full Application Includes:
-Completed application questions
-Artist resumé or CV
-Work samples, up to 5 images and/or 5 minutes of video

Number of Artists Accepted in Most Current Year
Total Applicant Pool in Most Current Year
Artist Stipend
US Dollar (USD)
Travel Stipend/Material Stipends
US Dollar (USD)
Residency Fees
US Dollar (USD)
Fee Details

The initial contracts come in lengths of 1, 2, or 3 month options at full or part time rates. Part time artists limit their studio days to 3 days per week (for as long as 12 hours per visit). Full time artists can use the studio as much as they would like, around the clock. Kala now offers limited housing; 2 private bedrooms in a two bedroom fully furnished apartment located catty-corner to Kala’s facilities. Housing is limited and for an additional cost of $800. These below-market rates are made possible through generous donations from foundations and individuals.

1, 2, or 3 Month Part Time Contract: $305 per month
average 3 days per week studio access

Emerging AIR Program
For artists who have graduated from a BA, BFA, or MFA program in the last 12 months, Kala is pleased to provide a discounted residency rate to artists for one year after graduation.
Rates are $230 per month for a part time 1, 2, or 3 month contract, and $420 per month for a full time contract.

Senior AIR Program
Senior artists will be considered for our Senior Artist-In-Residence Program, which provides a $25 per month discount on all residency rates.

Grant/Scholarship/other Funding Support
US Dollar (USD)
Application Fee
US Dollar (USD)
Application Type
Open application
What does your program provide during the residency experience?
Manual / handbook before arrival
Communication before arrival to discuss accommodations, medical conditions, or other health needs
Orientation upon arrival
Staff/volunteer reading information aloud
Staff/volunteer giving directions
Staff/volunteer providing guidance to help locate facilities or activities
Contact info for accessibility requests for event/programming
Is your campus wheelchair accessible?
Partially Accessible
Additional Accessibility Information

If you are a person with a disability and require an accommodation to participate in a program, service or activity, or require documents in alternative formats, please contact Meg Pohlod at 510-519-4701 voice, Dial 711 for CRS, or email at meghan@kala.org.

Housing available off campus
Local arrangements coordinated by resident
Case by case consideration by staff
Accessibility Contact Name
Meg Pohlod
Accessibility Contact Email
Accessibility Contact Phone Number
How much of the residency experience can artists with limited mobility participate?

Artists with limited mobility will need assistance to access the print studio. We are located on the third floor of the historic Heinz Ketchup factory. Artists will need assistance with the freight elevator from a staff member. 

Once artists are in the studio space there is ample room to move around presses, work tables, and digital lab equipment. We have designed the studio with minimum of 3ft around each station to allow artists to work. 


Please briefly describe the facilities and areas of the campus that are NOT accessible.

We currently house our traditional black & white photography darkroom and our documentation room on the second floor of our space. This is not accessible by the elevator and artists must be able to walk up stairs in order to access this.

Type of Housing
Private housing off campus (individual apartment/cabin/house)
Accessible Housing
ADA Compliant
Housing for Companion And/or Caregivers
Case by case consideration
Accessible Communal Spaces
ADA Compliant
Common/Communal Spaces Information
  • Modern kitchens with custom fixtures.
  • Gas range cooktops
  • Energy Star-rated appliances
  • Full size, front-loading washers and dryers
  • Rooftop deck with barbeques, firepits, and seating
  • Secure indoor bike storage room and bike maintenance station
  • Lobby and living room area with a bar, seating, and TV
  • Fitness room
  • On-demand yoga with local instructor Peter Walters
  • Car matrix parking and
    EV charging stations
  • High-filtration ventilation air supplied directly to each apartment
  • High-efficiency building glazing and insulation
  • Non-toxic materials and finishes, including paints, sealants, and adhesives
  • FloorScore certified wood flooring made from 98% post-industrial recycled content
  • In-unit LED Lighting and Energy Star-rated appliances
  • Operational policies for building maintenance aligned with LEED criteria
Additional Housing Information
Access to laundry in housing
WIFI available in housing
Heat and Cool control managed by resident
Meals Provided
Residents have access to shared kitchen
No meals are provided
Additional Meals Information
Computer/Internet Access
Computer and internet connection provided in common area (shared)
Wireless Internet (WIFI)
Studios/Facilities Details

Kala Art Institute is a unique resource, providing high-quality working facilities to artists working in and across printmaking, photography, book arts, installation, performance and media arts. Kala’s facilities are spread out over two buildings and feature the following:


The Print Studio (8,000 sq. ft.) includes equipment to facilitate a variety of traditional and contemporary print processes including: Intaglio, Relief, Lithography, Screen print, Letterpress, Black & White Photography and Alternative Photographic Processes. In addition to the Digital Arts Lab, the Print Studio houses these spaces: Workshop, Photo Darkroom, Acid Room, Exposure Room, Screen printing, Lithography, Multi-use/Shared Presses, Editioning Room, Letterpress, Paper Preparation/Print Dryers, and Kitchen.

EQUIPMENT LISTS (major items only)
American French Tool Etching Presses (3)
*Press bed sizes: 48 x 78″, 40 x 70″, 40 x 70″
*Approximate maximum printable areas: 44 x 66″, 36 x 58″, 36 x 58″

Charles Brand Etching Press (2)
*Press bed sizes: 32 x 52″, 30 x 50″
*Approximate maximum printable areas: 28 x 40″, 26 x 36″

Griffin Etching Press
*Press bed size: 21.75 x 40″
*Approximate maximum printable area: 17.75 x 28″

Takach Motor Driven Lithography Press
*Press bed size: 33 x 56.5″
*Metal printing base for plate lithography: 32 x 51″

Griffin Lithography Press
*Press bed size: 26.5 x 45.5″

Vandercook SP-15 Letterpress
*Maximum form size: 14 x 18”
*Maximum printable area: 12 x 15”
*Maximum sheet size: 14.75 x 20”
*Magnetic Printing bases (Patmag base: 12 x 16”, Bunting base: 8.5 x 11.25”)

Vandercook SP-20 Letterpress
*Maximum form size: 19 x 26”
*Maximum printable area: 17 x 22”
*Maximum sheet size: 19.5 x 28”
*Magnetic Printing bases (Patmag base: 12 x 16”, Bunting base: 8.5 x 11.25”)

Silkscreen vacuum table with arm (manual printing):
*Vacuum area 36 x 48”
*Maximum screen size 50 x 72” (or 48 x 60” if using the vacuum area)

Cincinnati Silkscreen vacuum table with arm (manual printing):
*Vacuum area 27 x 43”
*Maximum screen size 42 x 64”

Amergraph Advantage 150 Silkscreen exposure unit
*Maximum outside dimensions of silkscreen: 30″ x 40″

Anderson Vreeland Orbital VIII Photo-Polymer Platemaker
*Maximum plate size: A4 (8.3″ x 11.7″)

NuArc FT26MH flip-top vacuum exposure unit (photo-intaglio & alternative photo processes)
*Maximum plate / paper size: 18″ x 24″ or 20″ x 22″

For further information about studio equipment, processes and capabilities, please inquire with the Print Studio Manager, nick@kala.org.


The Digital Arts Lab (D.A.L.) houses digital media-based equipment to facilitate digital photography, design, large format printing and digital video editing.

EQUIPMENT LISTS (major items only)
Computers and peripheral hardware:
We have 9 Apple workstations with color-corrected monitors, Adobe Creative Suite

-(1) Epson 9900  (44″ wide, photo and matte black inks)
-(1) Epson p8000 (newest model 44″ Printer)
-(1) Epson p6000 ( newest model 24″ Printer)
-Epson 4800 (17″ wide, matte black ink)

-Imacon Flextight 848 Virtual DrumScanner (scan films up to 4″x5″, reflective materials up to A4)
-Epson 10000 XL Photo Flatbed Scanner (12″x 17″)
-Epson 4490 Photo Flatbed Scanner (Letter size)
-Plustek oversize document scanner (12″ X 17″)
Computer software programs:
Adobe Creative Suite

Digital Photography:
-Nikon D3300 24MP DSLR
-Nikon D5500 24MP DSLR
-Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 lens
-Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 lens
-Nikon 85mm f/3.5 Macro lens
-Nikon 35mm f/1.8 prime lens
-Imacon Flextight 848 Virtual Drum Scanner

-Sinar “X” 4×5 camera
-Northlight Lighting System
-Cambo Studio Stand
-Bogen Tripod
-Acute 2400w strobe set with two heads
-3 Beseler 4X5 Enlargers one with color head

-Panasonic HD Digital Camcorder
-Sony Mini-DV recorder/player
-JVL Mini-DV HD recorder/player
-DVD Players-Epson & Canon Multimedia Projectors
-Tascam DR-40

Studios/Special Equipment
Private Studios
Shared Studios
Dedicated Studio/Shop Technicians - Full Time
Exhibition / Installation Space
Darkroom (Black And White)
Darkroom (Color)
Large Format Printer / Plotter
Large Format Scanner
Film Scanner
Printers + Scanner
Photo + Video Editing Suite
Music/Media Studio Non-recording
Printmaking Workspaces
Book Arts Facilities
Etching Press
Glass Inking Table
Drying Racks
Aquatint Box
Hot Plates
Metal Plate Shear
Paper Soaking Sinks
Paper Tearing Table
Acid Room
Silkscreen Studio
Lithography Studio
Light Tables
Large Exposure Unit
Washout Room
Studios/Facilities Accessibility
Partially Accessible (50% or more)
Studio Support/Tech
Studio/facility orientation provided
Studio support provided by staff
Tech hours
Studios/facilities Details
Additional Studio Information

The studios are available for 24 hour access. Each artist is on boarded so that they can work independently when the staff are not in the office. 

Staff hours are posted and updated with any changes, both via email and written. 


If staff are not able to assist you, they will find someone who can. This is a fee based tutorial.