Osage Arts Community

One of the OAC Studios

One of the OAC Studios

Osage Arts Community

Belle , MO, United States

Osage Arts Community is a residency program that provides temporary time, space, and support for the creation of new work in a retreat format. These creative residencies are generally anywhere from one week to one year but average around six months. OAC serves creative people of all kinds – visual artists, video artists, composers, textile artists, ceramicists, poets, fiction and nonfiction writers.

OAC is located on a 160-acre farm in an isolated rural mountainside setting in Central Missouri bordered by ¾ of a mile of the Gasconade River. We provide a solitary retreat to those working alone, as well as welcoming collaborative teams, offering a living space and a country environment, in addition to workspace, to emerging and mid-career artists.

We are committed to a unified belief in the creative process, and we support this by offering dedicated time and space for the creation of new work.”


89 Eagle Ln
Belle , MO 65013
United States

Year Founded
Residency Structure
Residency Program Type
Studio-based (with housing)
Residency Length
1 month - 12 months
Average Number of Artists in Residence at a Time
Collaborative Residency
May apply as a team
Interdisciplinary Arts
Mixed Media
Visual Arts
Book Arts
Ceramics/Clay Arts/Pottery
Installation Arts
Textile & Fiber Arts/Weaving
Literary Nonfiction
New Genres
Multimedia Arts
Sound Art
Public Art
Art Education
Pets are not allowed
Country of Residence
Open to artists based anywhere in the world
Family Friendly
Residents granted leave during residency
Stage of Career
Any stage of career
Additional Expectations/Opportunities
Donate a work of art
Participate in public programming
Participate in open studio with fellow residents
Give artist talk or presentation
Lead workshop for the public
Lead workshop for fellow residents
How does your residency program support artists?
Opportunity to be in another context
Immersion in new culture and/context
Unstructured time
Access to studio space to create new work
Access to equipment, specialized facilities and/or technical support
Inspiration from natural environment
Inspiration from cultural context
Opportunities to develop relationships with local or regional artists/arts organizations
Opportunities to collaborate with local or regional artists/arts organizations
Opportunities to collaborate with other artists/residents
Opportunities to develop relationships with other artists/residents
Opportunities for work with the local community
Opportunities to exhibit or perform new work
Additional Eligibility Information


Osage Arts Community believes that our offer of admission is an award to you, the artist, so there is no residency fee charged.

Your submission will be reviewed by a panel representative of diverse artists and community members. They will select the resident from the applicant pool. All applications will be reviewed on the basis of: seriousness of purpose; harmony with OAC mission; creative use of the time, space and environment; and quality of proposal.

To being the process, please submit your application and residency contract for processing and review. And of course: Thank you for your submission and interest in OAC.

Applicants for the Osage Arts Community Visiting Artist Program must submit a written application and support materials. Residents are chosen by a selection committee of professionals in the arts. The major criteria for acceptance are the quality of work samples and an indication of serious commitment to one’s field of endeavor.

Because space allows for only a limited number of artists, all applications and support materials should be postmarked as soon as possible. We have no application deadlines, and applications are always considered on a space available basis.

OAC provides housing, studio space, Internet access, facilities, and program administration. With special request, OAC can provide limited transportation to and from the facility, although you will find having a car to be quite useful.

Artists must provide their own professional supplies. Artists are also responsible for participation in work exchange program, personal living expenses, health insurance, materials and supplies, telephone charges, and any other expenses relating to the cost of producing work artist-in-residence may incur while in the program. Travel and shipping expenses to and from OAC are also the responsibility of the artist.

No stipends or fellowships/awards are available.

Number of Artists Accepted in Most Current Year
Total Applicant Pool in Most Current Year
Artist Stipend
US Dollar (USD)
Travel Stipend/Material Stipends
US Dollar (USD)
Residency Fees
US Dollar (USD)
Fee Details

No stipends or fellowships/awards are available.

Grant/Scholarship/other Funding Support
US Dollar (USD)
Grant/Scholarship/Other Funding Support Details

No stipends or fellowships/awards are available.

Application Fee
US Dollar (USD)
Application Type
Open application
What does your program provide during the residency experience?
Manual / handbook before arrival
Communication before arrival to discuss accommodations, medical conditions, or other health needs
Contact information and available accommodations for programs, events, and campus
Is your campus wheelchair accessible?
Additional Accessibility Information


Our facilities are located in a remote, rural area and the majority of the land which OAC has access to at the farm is accessible only through unpaved roads and dirt trails. Be aware that the terrain is rolling and sometimes rugged. Artists in wheelchairs or with vision-impairment cannot be accommodated at this time in selected spaces, however can be situated in some of the OAC owned properties in the town of Belle.

Accessibility Contact Name
Accessibility Contact Email
Accessibility Contact Phone Number
Type of Housing
Private housing on campus (individual apartment/cabin/house)
Private housing off campus (individual apartment/cabin/house)
Accessible Housing
Housing for Companion And/or Caregivers
Case by case consideration
Accessible Communal Spaces
Common/Communal Spaces Information

Studio/Work Space 

Studio/work space assignments will be coordinated with individual artists’ needs and will be determined upon arrival on the basis of availability.  

There are a large variety of living and studio spaces.  Not all of them are described here.  

In the main residence, there are five rooms with attached bathroom. Of these rooms there is the kitchen, the dining room, two bedrooms for two separate artists, and one 800 sq. ft. studio space. The ceiling in this studio space is a twelve-foot vaulted ceiling with a sink and hot water. There is good light, beautiful views, and studio walls upon which you can easily attach paper, canvas, and other art materials. There is an attic fan, heat, and air conditioning.  

And, of course, some of  the living/work spaces are located on a 170 acre natural environment is your outdoor studio, along with the Gasconade River that runs along the property.  

Sometimes an artist’s dedicated workspace is his / her / they bedroom. 

We have no soundproof studio space for musicians, so we ask them to work with headphones or in the vast outdoor space. We have plans for a darkroom, so photographers are limited in the work they can finalize at OAC. We have electric kilns. We have no specific rehearsal space for dance or theater.  

Please realize that depending on the facility, we cannot guarantee the absolute tranquility that you may desire. The artists must respect the needs of each other.  Also, birds, vehicles on the highway or streets, and the neighborhood dogs bark at strangers who pass on the street. We have limited control over the ambient sounds. 

Additional Housing Information
Access to laundry on campus
Access to laundry in housing
WIFI available in housing
Air Conditioned Housing
Heat and Cool control managed by resident
Meals Provided
Groceries provided for residents to prepare their own meals
Residents have access to shared kitchen
Additional Meals Information
Vegan meal options can be requested
Vegetarian meal options can be requested
Gluten-free meal options can be requested
Kosher and halal options can be requested
Food allergies and restrictions can be accommodated
Computer/Internet Access
Wireless Internet (WIFI)
Ethernet provided in common area
Ethernet provided in living or studio area
Studios/Facilities Details


Studio 89: Located within throwing distance of the Gasconade River on the farm, this gorgeous space houses three artists at a time with a shared kitchen and facilities. Each artist has their own studio space.

The Residence: A two-person home on the farm, with a shared kitchen space for the Garage Studio space and studio next door, this gem is a spacious studio for visual artists with stunning natural light. In addition, the almost wrap around deck provides about 2000 sq ft of space for gatherings and celebrations by all residents.

The Garage Studio: A one-person home with private bath and large, air-conditioned, remodeled garage for studio space. Located next to the Residence on the farm.

The Art Center: Located in the heart of the small town of Belle Missouri and inside along with an art gallery, are two delightful studio for visual artists with a private bath. The kitchen is shared.

Studio 100: This quaint house holds two artists and OAC’s ceramics studio, has a shared bath within, but artists walk across the street for a shared studio space and kitchen in the Art Center.

Studio 105: Located a few blocks off main street in Belle is this lovely, one-person house with all the accommodations and no sharing of facilities. A small second bedroom could be used for collaborative teams or families.

Studio 701 (the purple house): Just off Highway 28 is this two-person house. A large separate remodeled garage studio is for one of the artists, while the other has the large living room as studio space.

Studio 700: The backyards of this and the Purple House are shared, although each has its own kitchen and facilities. Two artists can stay in this space, with studio spaces in the finished attic and on the main floor.  The shared outdoor space is often a gathering place for in-town artists, communal garden area and maturing fruit trees.

 Studio assignment is based on current availability and workspace needs.

Studios/Special Equipment
Private Studios
Shared Studios
Exhibition / Installation Space
Performance/Presentation Facilities
Ceramics Workspace
Electric Wheels
Kick Wheels
Plaster Room
Electric Kiln
Bench Grinder
Buffing Machine
Painting Workspace (Oil)
Drying Racks
Light Tables
Large Sinks
Floor Looms
Fiber Arts Workspace
Washer And Dryer
Dedicated Wood Shop
Woodworking Tools
Router Table
Wood Vises And Wood Working Table
Studios/Facilities Accessibility
Studio Support/Tech
Studio support provided by staff
Air Conditioned
Heat and Cool control access