PlySpace Residency

PlySpace Residency

Muncie, IN, United States

PlySpace is an artist-in-residence program dedicated to offering visual artists, writers, performers, designers, and other creative individuals time and space to investigate and pursue their own practices. Additionally, it serves as a platform for experimentation and provocation by catalyzing conversation and collaboration with various Muncie communities. PlySpace facilitates various opportunities for residents to engage with the public through partnership and programming that is tailored to their area of interest.

Each resident will propose a personal project as well as a project to be completed in partnership with a community collaborator. PlySpace will work with both parties to encourage a successful and fulfilling collaboration. For more information on community partners and collaborations, take a look at the Community Collaborators page on our website.


PO Box #488
Attn: PlySpace
Muncie, IN 47308
United States

Year Founded
Residency Structure
Embedded in an arts or cultural organization (including theater + gallery)
Residency program within a government state or municipal partnership
Embedded in historic site
Longterm/embedded in neighborhood
Embedded in intentional community
Residency Program Type
Studio-based (with housing)
Residency Length
4 weeks - 12 weeks
Average Number of Artists in Residence at a Time
Collaborative Residency
Must apply and be accepted individually
May apply as a team
Interdisciplinary Arts
Mixed Media
Visual Arts
Book Arts
Ceramics/Clay Arts/Pottery
Costume/Fashion Design
Digital Fabrication
Fine Metals/Jewelry
Glass Arts
Installation Arts
Paper Arts
Textile & Fiber Arts/Weaving
Literary Nonfiction
New Genres
Performance Art
Augmented Reality
Digital Media
Electronic Arts
Moving Image
Multimedia Arts
Sound Art
TV + Radio
Virtual Reality
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Environmental Arts
Landscape Architecture
Public Art
Social Practice
Urban Planning/Design
Art Conservation
Art Education
Art History
Pets are not allowed
Country of Residence
Open to artists based anywhere in the world
Family Friendly
Stage of Career
Any stage of career
Additional Expectations/Opportunities
Participate in public programming
How does your residency program support artists?
Opportunity to be in another context
Immersion in new culture and/context
Unstructured time
Restricted funding
Access to studio space to create new work
Access to equipment, specialized facilities and/or technical support
Inspiration from cultural context
Opportunities to develop relationships with local or regional artists/arts organizations
Opportunities to collaborate with local or regional artists/arts organizations
Opportunities to collaborate with other artists/residents
Opportunities to develop relationships with other artists/residents
Opportunities for work with the local community
Opportunities to exhibit or perform new work
Additional Eligibility Information

Selected residents will be offered one of two types of residency. The type of residency offered will be determined by the Admissions Panel and Final Selection Committee during the admissions process. All residencies include living space in PlySpace and studio space.

PlySpace Residents will be offered living quarters, studio amenities, and will be paired with a community collaborator based on their personal and collaborative project proposals and interests. Residents are expected to complete a public talk about their work and complete a project in partnership with their Community Collaborator. Resident Artists will have full access to the PlySpace studio spaces as well as limited access to the School of Art (SOA) facilities at Ball State University. They will receive a $500 travel stipend and a $500 food stipend for their residency period, between 4 and 12 weeks.

PlySpace Resident Fellows will be offered living quarters, studio amenities, and will be paired with the Ball State University School of Art as their community collaborator. Resident Fellows are expected to conduct multiple public programs connected to their practice through their partnership with the SOA. Resident Fellows will have access to the SOA facilities necessary to complete their projects as well as the PlySpace studio spaces. Resident Fellows will receive a $1000 stipend provided by PlySpace to be used for travel and living expenses and up to $2000 in funding toward their proposed collaborative project and supplies. Resident Fellows must plan a 9 to 12 week residency stay.

Three individual or collective applicants will be accepted for each residency term (one PlySpace Resident Fellow and two PlySpace Residents).


PlySpace welcomes both emerging and established artists and creatives from a variety of disciplines. Applicants should be dedicated practitioners in their field and able to work safely and independently for the entire residency period to which they are assigned. Applicants should not be enrolled in a degree-granting program at the time of application and must be over 21 years of age. In order to expand and complement the creative resources available within the city of Muncie, Indiana, admission preference will be given to applicants who live and work outside of Delaware County, Indiana. Applicants can submit one application per term.

PlySpace encourages artists and creatives of all backgrounds to apply for admission. PlySpace does not discriminate in its programs and activities against anyone on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, disability, HIV status, or veteran status.

Collective Teams

Collective teams of 2-3 individuals can be accommodated and are encouraged to apply. Please submit a combined application and portfolio detailing work that you have produced as a team. PlySpace can admit one collective group for any single residency term. If you require anything other than separate living space and shared studio space, you should indicate this in your proposal. We will assume that collaborative groups will need separate spaces for living. Unfortunately, we can only offer one studio space per application, so collective groups will need to share a single studio. 

International Applicants

International applicants are welcome to apply; however, please be aware that all programming is conducted in English and will not have a translator. Applicants must be able to communicate in English with enough fluency to complete their community collaborative projects. International applicants must be able to make their own travel plans to and from Muncie, Indiana, and obtain all necessary Visas and travel documentation as required by their home country and the U.S. The $500 travel stipend is not available for travel outside of the U.S. PlySpace cannot waive application fees for international applicants and does not have additional funding to provide international applicants outside of the stipend amounts listed above.

Applicants with Disabilities or Service Animals

Applicants with disabilities should contact PlySpace at to discuss accommodation options prior to submitting an application.

Number of Artists Accepted in Most Current Year
Total Applicant Pool in Most Current Year
Artist Stipend
US Dollar (USD)
Travel Stipend/Material Stipends
US Dollar (USD)
Residency Fees
US Dollar (USD)
Grant/Scholarship/other Funding Support
US Dollar (USD)
Grant/Scholarship/Other Funding Support Details

PlySpace Residents will receive a $500 travel stipend and a $500 food stipend for their residency period, between 4 and 12 weeks.

PlySpace Resident Fellows will receive a $1000 stipend provided by PlySpace to be used for travel and living expenses and up to $2000 in funding toward their proposed collaborative project and supplies. Resident Fellows must plan a 9 to 12 week residency stay.

Application Fee
US Dollar (USD)
Application Type
Open application
What does your program provide during the residency experience?
Manual / handbook before arrival
Communication before arrival to discuss accommodations, medical conditions, or other health needs
Orientation upon arrival
Contact information and available accommodations for programs, events, and campus
High contrast, clear way-finding and/or signage
Accessible seating
Staff/volunteer reading information aloud
Staff/volunteer giving directions
Staff/volunteer providing guidance to help locate facilities or activities
Contact info for accessibility requests for event/programming
Is your campus wheelchair accessible?
ADA Compliant
Partially Accessible
Additional Accessibility Information

PlySpace is committed to being open and accessible to all artists. We are eager to work with you directly to ensure we will be able to meet your needs. 

The residency is currently located in the Emily Kimbrough District of Muncie, IN near downtown. Living and dining spaces are communal with private bedrooms. Studio spaces are private and located in a nearby community center. 

The residency is comprised of one main building that houses the gallery, administrative offices, and communal artist living space. Residents regularly travel between the community center, Ball State University, and the downtown Muncie area for meals, to use facilities, or participate in workshops, performances, or other activities during the session.

While the main floor of the building is wheelchair accessible, the communal living space is located on the second floor that is only accessible by stairs. 

There is a staff person “on-call” at all times to provide assistance to residents including shuttles around campus, assistance with basic navigation, and emergency assistance if necessary. 

The majority of our facilities are ground-floor accessible. The majority of the common areas including our kitchen, main gallery, laundry room, and administrative offices are wheelchair accessible.

We are prepared to produce or facilitate accommodations such as large print materials, wheelchair ramps, travel assistance, adjusted sleeping accommodations, and any other actions that our staff are reasonably able to fulfill.

Service animals can be accommodated on a case by case basis. All service animals must have up to date paperwork and a current vet check and flea treatment. 

Housing available on campus
Local arrangements coordinated by staff
Case by case consideration by staff
Accessibility Contact Name
Lexi Musselman
Accessibility Contact Email
Other Services/Aids Offered in Residency + Other Programming

We are prepared to produce or facilitate accommodations as requested that our staff are reasonably able to fulfill

How much of the residency experience can artists with limited mobility participate?

Artists who are unable to navigate stairs will not be comfortable residing at the house. We are prepared to facilitate alternative sleeping/living accommodation requests that our staff are reasonably able to fulfill. 

Please briefly describe the facilities and areas of the campus that are NOT accessible.

The artist living space is in a historic building and has a staircase to the bedrooms and common spaces on the second floor. 

Type of Housing
Private bedroom in a shared housing facility on campus
Accessible Housing
ADA Compliant
Partially Accessible (50% or more)
Housing for Companion And/or Caregivers
Case by case consideration
Accessible Communal Spaces
ADA Compliant
Common/Communal Spaces Information

All residents and fellows will be provided with accommodations on the second floor of PlySpace, a post-victorian house built in 1916, in the Emily Kimbrough Historic District of downtown Muncie, Indiana. The living quarters will include a private bedroom, private or shared bath, a shared living space, shared laundry facilities, and a shared full kitchen. Meals are not provided as part of the residency, though there will be a group dinner once a month hosted by a PlySpace affiliate. 

The lower level of PlySpace is home to the offices for the Muncie Arts and Culture Council as well as PlySpace project and exhibition space. The living quarters have a private entrance which is separate from the public areas and designed to offer artists quiet, personal space within a vibrant artist environment. All spaces have both air conditioning and heating. PlySpace is within walking or biking distance of numerous bars, restaurants, cafes, stores, outdoor parks, recreational trails, and Ball State University.

Additional Housing Information
Access to laundry in housing
WIFI available in housing
Air Conditioned Housing
Meals Provided
Residents have access to shared kitchen
Food stipend provided
No meals are provided
Additional Meals Information
Computer/Internet Access
Computer and internet connection provided in common area (shared)
Studios/Facilities Details

The studios are located in private rooms on the second floor of the community center located across the street. The second floor is accessible by stairs, elevator, and freight elevator with assistance from the building manager. The floors are concrete, and the building was formerly used as a garment factory. Each artist is designated to one studio. 

Studios/Special Equipment
Private Studios
Exhibition / Installation Space
Performance/Presentation Facilities
Printers + Scanner
Washer And Dryer
Woodworking Tools
Studios/Facilities Accessibility
ADA Compliant
Partially Accessible (50% or more)
Studio Support/Tech
Studio/facility orientation provided
Studio support provided by staff
On-call Studio support provided
Air Conditioned