Meeting the Needs of a Changing Residency Landscape

How Our Emerging Program Institute is Evolving
ACA Staff
June 19, 2024

In 2011, Artist Communities Alliance launched the “Emerging Program Institute,” a unique  learning experience that preceded ACA’s celebrated annual conference. Since then, this networking and learning opportunity has welcomed leaders at all residency development phases — from ideation to launch. In response to pandemic and recovery protocols, ACA pivoted to provide this robust and much-needed program in a virtual-only format. 

After listening, learning, and evaluating, we're following our own advice and shepherding in a new Evolving Program Institute! For the first time, EPI will welcome both Emerging and Established programs, with curated content for each stage's specialized needs. This new format gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from thoughtful assessment and refinement, regardless of the stage of your residency. 

In response to the needs of our network, we will offer EPI in a new, hybrid format which will provide interactive virtual events and in-person opportunities in multiple locations. 

This three-day, newly-hybrid intensive includes expert-led workshops, artist presentations, panel discussions, interactive activities and networking opportunities. Learn strategies, gain tools, and develop networks to strengthen all elements of your residency program utilizing Artist Communities Alliance’s Five Pillars of Healthy Residency Framework: Identity, Program Design, Operations, Resource Development, and Stewardship.

The complete EPI 2024 schedule will be announced this summer. If you are interested in joining the first Evolving Programs Institute in Fall 2024, check out the program page.