"Building Supportive Climates for Artists" at Grantmakers in the Arts
ACA Staff
November 4, 2021

As part of the 2021 Grantmakers in the Arts virtual conference ACA will present "Building Supportive Climates for Artists" on Thursday, November 11, 2021 at 1pm EST.

We are participating in this year's program to share learnings from the McKnight Artists Residencies consortium - a unique partnership between the McKnight Foundation, 16 artist residency program partner sites and and Mcknight artist fellows. The session will highlight how ACA's Five Pillars of a Healthy Residency assessment tool is being used to build equitable capacity in the artist residency field and a new model for the evaluation of arts organizations.

The consortium is one part of ACA's ongoing strategy to build a field that is inclusive, just, joyful, and accessible - read about ACA's 2021-2023 Strategic Plan.

Read more about the session and register on the GIA conference website.

Building Supportive Climates for Artists

Join us as we share the learning journey on how to create fair, just, inclusive residency environments and support artists. Artist Communities Alliance (ACA) and McKnight Foundation embarked on a partnership in 2020 to expand McKnight Foundation’s support for individual artists. This program aims to enlarge the equitable capacity (the ability of an individual or organization to be equitable in their work and address white body supremacy) of participating artists residencies while providing McKnight Artist Fellows with residency opportunities. In its first three years, up to 98 McKnight Artist Fellows will participate in residencies at seventeen partner host sites. ACA will provide professional development and facilitate learning between host sites to create healthy and generative environment for artists to thrive.

  • Edwige Charlot, Director of Community Learning, Artist Communities Alliance
  • Lisa Funderburke Hoffman, Executive Director, Artist Communities Alliance
  • Dr. Katherine Hogan, Community Psychologist
  • Kamra Hakim, Founder, Activation Residency
  • Seitu Ken Jones, Multidisciplinary Artist
  • Arleta Little, Arts Program Officer + Director of Artist Fellowships, McKnight Foundation
  • Kelly Sicat, Director, Lucas Artists Program, Montalvo Arts Center
  • Megha Ralapati, Residency Manager, Hyde Park Art Center

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