Large Format Printmaking Residency - Winter and Spring 2025

Associated Residency Program

An art residency provides the technical conditions, time, and space to develop ideas and try new approaches. It is a moment that promotes connection between artists from different backgrounds and consequently the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Aviário Studio Large Format Printmaking Residency aims to promote the production and dissemination of Printmaking done in a large format. Artists can develop projects using a wide range of techniques, from relief to intaglio, screen printing, transfer, monotype, among others.

Specific Equipments available:

- Cutting Table 240 x 140 cm/94,49 x 55,12 in

- Paper Guillotine 80 cm/31,5 in

- Metal Guillotine 100 cm/39,37 in

- Polymetaal Press 260 x 140 cm/102,36 x 55,12 in

- Reig Press 100 x 60 cm/39,37 x 23,62 in

- UV Light Exposure Unit 150 x 120 cm/59,06 x 47,24 n

- 2 Drying Racks

- Screen Printing Tables

-Hot table 

- Glass tables for inking

-Light table

Residency Length
2 weeks - 6 months
Collaborative Residency
Must apply and be accepted individually
May apply as a team
Book Arts
Installation Arts
Interdisciplinary Arts
Paper Arts
Visual Arts
Pets are not allowed
Country of Residence
Open to artists based anywhere in the world
Family Friendly
Spouses/partners allowed for full stay (non-collaborators)
Stage of Career
Any stage of career
Additional Expectations/Opportunities
Donate a work of art
Participate in open studio with fellow residents
Give artist talk or presentation
Lead workshop for fellow residents
Accessible Housing
Meals Provided
Residents have access to shared kitchen
Studios/Special Equipment
Shared Studios
Dedicated Studio/Shop Technicians - Full Time
Exhibition / Installation Space
Ceramics Workspace
Electric Wheels
Electric Kiln
Heavy Metals / Blacksmithing
Soldering Workspace
Gas/Oxy Torches
Bench Grinder
Darkroom (Black And White)
Printers + Scanner
Drawing Benches
Printmaking Workspaces
Book Arts Facilities
Etching Press
Glass Inking Table
Drying Racks
Hot Plates
Metal Plate Shear
Paper Soaking Sinks
Paper Tearing Table
Acid Room
Silkscreen Studio
Light Tables
Large Sinks
Large Exposure Unit
Washout Room
Hooded Dye Mixing Station
Well-ventilated Spray Room
Woodworking Tools
Router Table
Wood Vises And Wood Working Table
Studios/Facilities Accessibility
Partially Accessible (50% or more)
Type of Housing
Private bedroom in a shared housing facility on campus
Shared bedroom
Additional Eligibility Information
  • Artists have to make sure when applying that they are able to cover the costs of the Residency fee, travel, materials and food.
  • Artists must be over 21 years old at the time of their arrival.


Send the following information to

- Full Name

- Email Address

- Phone Number

- Nationality

- Birth Date

- Check-in and check-out dates (for us to confirm availability)

- Accommodation: Would you like to stay at Aviário Studio House? If yes, please choose from a shared  bedroom or individual room. Will you bring a partner?

- Choose your residency: Self-directed Residency, Guided Art Residency or Assisted Production Residency

- Brief description of your project 


Artist Stipend
Euro (EUR)
Travel Stipend/Material Stipends
Residency Fees
Euro (EUR)
Fee Details

Residency Fee includes :

- accommodation in a shared house (optional)

- studio access during opening hours (Mon. - Fri. from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

- 1 hour of technical assistance per day


Days                      €/Total

10 (2 weeks)          280€

15 (3 weeks)          410€

20 (4 weeks)          540€

AVIÁRIO STUDIO + HOUSE (shared room)                     

Days                      €/Total

14 (2 weeks)         540€

21 (3 weeks)         790€

28 (4 weeks)         1040€

AVIÁRIO STUDIO + HOUSE (individual room)                     

Days                      €/Total

14 (2 weeks)         680€

21 (3 weeks)         980€

28 (4 weeks)         1290€

Meals and materials not included. We will give you a precise quotation for your residency after your application.


Grant/Scholarship/other Funding Support
Grant/Scholarship/Other Funding Support Details

At the moment we do not have any grant available, but we encourage artists to apply for external financial support.

Application Fee
Euro (EUR)
Application Type
Open application