Pew Fellowship Consortium Residencies

Since 2011, The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage has provided recent Pew Fellows with opportunities to participate in residencies outside of the Philadelphia area.

The Pew Fellows selected for these residencies find themselves in new surroundings — creative communities that nurture artistic expression and exploration, across North America — thanks to a partnership between Pew, Artist Communities Alliance (ACA) and our residency program partners. 
These artist residencies are meant to extend the Center’s relationship with Pew Fellows beyond the given time period of their awards and contribute to a long-term impact on their work. The time to work in new spaces and to network with artists from other areas has the potential to impact the trajectory of a Pew Fellow’s career, opening up possibilities for new creative discoveries, which these artists can then bring home for a future impact on the Philadelphia region.

Three programs offer recent Pew Fellows the opportunity for concentrated time, away from Philadelphia, to devote to their creative practice:

Pew Consortium of Artists Residencies at Civitella Ranieri Center, Fogo Island Arts, and Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Application and selection to the Consortium of Artists Residencies is coordinated by the ACA. If accepted, in addition to the residency, Fellows receive a stipend to offset other costs of the residency.

In an effort to connect Pew Fellows with resources both inside and outside the region, the Center worked with the ACA to identify residency programs with interdisciplinary focuses and facilities.

According to Pew Fellowships Director Melissa Franklin, it was important to offer Pew Fellows a group of residencies that were all very different: “These residency programs accommodate artists practicing in all disciplines, in keeping with the multidisciplinary scope of the fellowships. They represent a diverse group of creative communities and the working environment each offers is very different, reflecting the wide variety of artists that we support."


Questions about this program? 

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Tina Morton Photo
“It’s rare to be given the opportunity to just think about your artistic process and practice.” - Tina Morton, documentary filmmaker and 2010 Pew Fellow
CA Conrad photo
“If the Pew Fellowship was a catapult, the residency extended my reach, making my tools as a poet the sharpest they have ever been.”
- CA Conrad, poet and 2011 Pew Fellow

Report an Incident -- If you have experienced instances of harm at an artist residency program, including, but not limited to racism, differential treatment, transphobia, ableism, sexism, harassment, bullying, and histories of systemic abuse, we encourage you to report these incidents by contacting Flannery Patton at fpatton [at] 

As trusted intermediary and resource for and among artists, residency staff, leadership and board members, we are committed to creating inclusive, just, joyful, and accessible environments where artists and staff can thrive.