Mediocracy Art Residency

Associated Residency Program

Helikon Art Center is the first international art residency of Türkiye has been organising art residencies, hosting exhibitions and engaging in several art activities since 2014. It is located near Izmit city of Kocaeli province, Başiskele district in Turkey. Helikon Art Center aims to host artists from all over the world in order to exchange ideas, create artworks together, open exhibitions and organize art events. Helikon has four bungalow style houses, which can accommodate twelve artists. All houses have  a bathroom and an open kitchen. Center also has two terraces, two tree houses, a big garden, common kitchen, dinner area, an atelier, art gallery and an office.

Residency Length
15 days - 17 days
Average Number of Artists in Residence at a Time
Collaborative Residency
Must apply and be accepted individually
Installation Arts
Interdisciplinary Arts
Country of Residence
Open to artists based anywhere in the world
Family Friendly
Stage of Career
Any stage of career
Additional Expectations/Opportunities
Donate a work of art
Participate in open studio with fellow residents
Give artist talk or presentation
Lead a skill share
Accessible Housing
Meals Provided
All meals
Residents have access to private kitchen
Studios/Special Equipment
Shared Studios
Exhibition / Installation Space
Painting Workspace (Oil)
Drawing Benches
Woodworking Tools
Wood Vises And Wood Working Table
Studios/Facilities Accessibility
Universally designed
Type of Housing
Shared bedroom
Additional Eligibility Information

Is it the mediocracy that caused the society wide mediocrity, or the other way round?Hanna Arendt had already revealed and warned us about what ‘the banality of evil’ would unleash. So, what would happen when banality is itself banalized, when mediocrity itself becomes the standard mediocre? Mediocrity, will it entrench us into idiocracy or has it already done so? In this context, we would like to invite artists to our residence in order to question above.

Please send your CV, project plan, portfolio (preferably personal webpage) and statement of intend to until 31st of May, 2024.

Number of Artists Accepted in Most Current Year
Total Applicant Pool in Most Current Year
Artist Stipend
US Dollar (USD)
Travel Stipend/Material Stipends
US Dollar (USD)
Residency Fees
US Dollar (USD)
Fee Details

Selected artists should pay 27 USD  for confirmation to their places in advance (last two years we encountered last time cancellations ungraciously. Please consider this amount will be for unlimited tea & coffee service.)

Grant/Scholarship/other Funding Support
US Dollar (USD)
Application Fee
US Dollar (USD)
Application Type
Open application