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ACA Welcomes Five New Board Members

March 28, 2023
A graphic says "Welcome to ACA's New Board Members" and shows five images of women and an ACA logo.
The new members of ACA's Board of Trustees were selected for their demonstrated commitment to serving artists and advancing the role artists and creativity play in society.

ACA PRESENTS | 2023 Equitable Capacity Workshop Series

March 27, 2023
Photo of a person speaking into a microphone
This year's ECW series focuses on growth + improvement within your organization related to staff + artist wellbeing. We dive into topics surrounding how arts organizations can better support staff members whose communities are systematically excluded from full rights, privileges and opportunities in society, learning how to build mental health resiliency and preparedness into our residency programs and more.

ACA PRESENTS | Performing Arts Residencies

March 21, 2023
This #ResidenciesConnect session will focus on topics unique to programs that support dance, theater and other performing arts practices. ACA is increasing its support for performing arts residencies and finding new resource streams. As we grow this membership area, we want to hear from you about how to best support your needs!

FIELD NOTES | Safety Is Not a Performance

March 13, 2023
Graphic says "Safety Is Not A Performance: A Field Note from ACA  CEO + President Lisa Funderburke" Her photo and an ACA logo are below

Questions about physical and psychological safety come up so often in my conversations with artists, administrators, funders and partners that it has become core to my job to think about how we can create safer creative environments for all.